Why Does Alcohol Give You A Beer Belly?

Many of us enjoy a beer don’t we, but it’s fair to say we don’t exactly enjoy the little paunch around our torso that comes with it. Yes, we’re talking about the beer belly. The major sign that someone spends a little too much time in the pub or cracking open cans. But why does … Read more

Does Alcohol Lower Testosterone?

Excessive drinking and alcohol consumption affects almost every element of your health. Your hormone health is no different. Testosterone is the predominant sex hormone in males, and it also plays a role in female reproduction. Heavy alcohol intake is associated with low testosterone levels. Too much alcohol may lower testosterone levels and negatively influence your … Read more

Can White Kidney Bean Extract Help With Weight Loss?

We’ll weight gain and obesity seems to be at an all-time high for decades or even centuries. Nearly 40% of women and 25% of men are constantly attempting to lose weight and there are several sad diets that pop-up like temptations to try. And then we have the unnatural supplementation marketed all year round and … Read more

Does Penis Stretching Work?

penis exercises

Some argue that you have quite enough power over the length of your penis as you do over the length of your biceps or the strength of your hamstrings. In reality, today’s internet is awash with penis exercises. Penis stretching is a process of lengthening or elongating the penis with your hands or just a … Read more