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Your manliness cannot be judged according to how you perform; even if it is average, especially in bed. But it is always an added advantage if you have an option to boost your performance. Isn’t it? Well, say hello to Testogen!

Testogen is a natural testosterone booster. Studies state that there is a decrease in testosterone in men as they become older, so Testogen claims to be a natural product that might be of their help, to increase their stamina, among other things.

To quote a phrase written on Testogen’s homepage, “it helps you get your mojo back”, the product claims to help men with several problems that they face with the onset of aging.

Firstly, as the name suggests, it increases the testosterone level in men which then leads to several changes in the body.

It increases your stamina, for starters. I mean, who doesn’t find an athletic composure attractive. It does grab a lot of attention.

Ladies, do not hesitate to gift this to your “male friend” and enjoy the perks later.

Be it on the bed or in a stadium. Be assured of improved performance. So, strength and stamina are two things that are guaranteed to be obtained with the intake of a Testogen.

Secondly, it claims to sharpen your focus. Do you think of yourself as someone who has the attention span of a sparrow? Well, here is what might help you to narrow down your focus and help you concentrate.

Losing focus while doing an important task is not only embarrassing but also creates a  negative image about you in front of those, who assigned you the job in the first place. This may also mean, lesser opportunities for you in the future due to your inability to complete a task due to lack of concentration.

Not only does the list of disadvantages keep adding, but even your pathway to increase your horizon to new opportunities decreases.

Speaking specifically for those in the job sector, the lesser the people rely on you for your proactiveness, the lesser are your chances of promotion in the future. And that is not something that you want, do you?

So, the crux of it all is that, with Testogen, you would be able to increase your concentration in work and other areas.

This product also claims to help you get rid of your excess fat in the body and make you less irritable.

An obese body is unattractive, right? It repels one’s attention towards you. A lean and healthy body, on the other hand, is a head-turner and grabs all the attention. So, it is up to you, how you want to be looked at.

And not only does it leads to a quality lifestyle, but it also reverses the harm that was done previously. It promises to increase your libido.

Are you tired of hearing your lover get cranky about finishing too soon? Well, again, I hope you know what you can look up to.


testogen ingredients

There are a lot of elements that make up this magic capsule; however, the natural ingredients in it, are the selling point of this product.

Out of the several ingredients used, the following are the mention of the natural elements in it.

First of is Bioperine:

Black pepper has been used in cooking since times immemorial and is known for many medicinal properties. Infact it is regarded as the King of Spices on account of pungent principle agent piperine. BioPerine® is an extract that one gets from Piper nigrum or black pepper fruits. It is known to be a bioavailability enhancer for over 20 years in both humans and animals.

The second natural ingredient is, Zinc:

According to the National Institute of Health under the U.S. Dept. Of Health and Services, Zinc is found all over our body. It helps the immune system in our body fight off the harmful bacteria and viruses that are essential for growth and development. It is also responsible for helping us heal our wounds.

Pretty intense right? Imagine all of these properties in one capsule.

The next ingredient is, Vitamin B6:

It is said that a human body cannot create Vitamin B6 on its own, so it has to be taken from other food supplies such non-veg items ( pork, eggs, chicken, fish) and veg items (bread, oatmeal, wheat germ, brown rice), etc. Having all the nutrients of those foods in one capsule sounds captivating to me.

Next up is Red Ginseng extract:

This ingredient was first brought to light by the Chinese as it was used heavily in their culture to cure diseases for centuries. According to Healthline.com, Red Ginseng extract is helpful in erectile dysfunction, hence increasing erectile capability. And now we know why is this natural ingredient used in Testogen.

Another important ingredient is Fenugreek extract:

According to webmd.com, this ingredient helps in overcoming a lot of digestive problems and even helps in diabetes. But its property to decrease obesity brings it to use in Testogen.

The next ingredient that you must know about is D-Aspartic Acid.

This amino acid is known to have properties that may reduce the feelings of tiredness and improve your performance. It is also known to increase the strength and size of your muscles.

It sounds like a boost that you may get, with or without a gym, if you start consuming Testogen capsules.

Vitamin K1 is known to be present in these capsules which helps in controlling blood clots. But most importantly, it is known to boost metabolism and regulate blood calcium levels. Naturally, you can obtain it by consuming cooked spinach, kale, mustard greens, beet greens, swiss chards, to name a few. Taking Testogen reduces the hassle of assembling these and then cooking it.

There seem to a lot of ingredients that increase metabolism, so be assured of highly impressive performance with the intake of Testogen.

The rest of the ingredients in it are Nettle Leaf extract, Boron, Vitamin D, and Magnesium.

Nettle Leaf extract helps in keeping blood pressure and your blood sugar levels at bay.

Boron is a chemical element found in some of the most common foods that we consume, such as apples, coffee, dried beans, milk, and potatoes. It is known to improve brain function and to keep your bones strong.

Vitamin D is another vitamin helping in bone strengthening, among its other helpful properties. Naturally, it is found in fatty fish and seafood and mushrooms. Also, spending time in the sunlight, basking away to glory, may help, if you have the time for it, otherwise Testogen may help. Lastly, Magnesium is known to control blood sugar levels and help in cholesterol-related problems. Additionally, it is known to regulate muscle function in the body.

With all these ingredients in one capsule, it becomes hard to miss for every man out there looking to improve their performance in the fields mentioned above. Its consumption is easy and reduces the hassle of buying all those ingredients separately, cooking and consuming them. In a fast-paced world like today, where results are essential more than how much effort you have put in, Testogen does come in handy.


How Does It Work?

Testosterone is something that decreases in a man, as he ages. This hormone is also known as a steroid hormone. A decrease in testosterone brings with it several failings in the human body. Some of which are: you getting tired and depressed, a decrease in sexual interest (which can be a turn off in your relationship), excess fat storage in your body and losing your capability to focus on things.

Testogen is said to be a natural hormone (Testosterone) booster and promises to save you from all the above-mentioned physical lacking that may come up with age.

It is safe to use a capsule that is not only made up of 11 natural ingredients but also effective in use, as several customers have pointed out.

It is safe for the consumption by any male adult, that is minimum 18 years of age, and who is looking to increase his testosterone levels. It does not have any harmful steroids, and it also helps in bodybuilding, increases your endurance capacity and works wonders for athletes.

Within a week of its consumption, you will feel an enhancement in your mood, focus, and performance; and if you are looking to improve your muscle development and strength, it may take a month or six weeks.


  • It is a natural product and contains 11 natural ingredients that resolve issues other than loss of testosterone.
  • It helps in getting rid of the accumulated fat stored over the years.
  • Certain ingredients help to control the blood sugar levels and keeps cholesterol at bay.
  • It is readily available on their site as well as on Amazon.
  • It gives a 15% off on using the SALE15 coupon code.
  • The site says that it delivers free to any part of the world.
  • It has a 60-day return policy and gives the money back that has been spent on this product in case it fails to deliver what it promises.

Price, Money Back Guarantee And Return Policy

The company offers a discount on bulk orders such, one month’s supply at £39.99 where you save around £10, 3 month’s supply priced at £119.99, with two months of supply free and 2-month pack priced at £79.99 with one month of supply free.

Testogen has a 60-day return policy; which means that if, in any case, you are unhappy with the results, you could return the item. The product has to be returned unused, in the same container in which it was delivered to them.

The company promises to take back its product in case you are unwilling to use it and will also return you the price you paid for it, minus the shipping charges.

You can write to them at [email protected], and their support team will get back to you within 48 business hours. Doesn’t it sounds like a deal worth taking a risk for!

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Side Effects

It may not be suitable for those who have an allergy to the ingredients as mentioned above used in the making of this capsule.

Before and After Results

testogen review results

Testogen before after results

Customer Review

Testogen has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. Customers have gone ahead to express their views on this product, saying that it works great. It has made them more energetic, focused, and helped them sleep better (alone and otherwise).

Some have even said to have felt changes dramatically within a few weeks. Some have faced severe libido enhancement that is ranging from boners in lectures, to feeling stiff at night and more aggressive at the gym. This is something to look up to.

Another person has reviewed it and said that he has been lifting heavier at the gym and has been having harder erections ever since he started using this product.

In total, there are about 99 reviews and 151 ratings on this product; and to no one’s surprise, this magic capsule has had a 90% success rate on an average. No wonder its demand in the market is so high. It has been made available to buy on Amazon too, which is one of the most visited sites for online shopping by people from all across the globe. Thus, one can have a fair sense of the idea, as to what good has the product done to other people in the world.

Conclusion- The Final Verdict

Testogen is being called a “revolutionary supplement” in the market today, because of its record-breaking properties. Several users have also given it a thumbs up so it may be of use to you. Use it if you are looking to making an advancement in the fields of stamina boost, lifting heavier at the gym, improving your performance on bed with your lover, keeping your blood sugar levels on the check, cholesterol at bay among other things. It is worth a try. Plus, there is always an option to return it, just in case it does not work for you.

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