How To Start a Meditation Practice if You Hate Meditating


People have got so much involved in their career path forming, mending disrupted relationships, fulfilling all aspirations & being social that their peace of mind has lost somewhere amid such much grey matters in the brain. This results in deteriorating concentration, rather than improving all the huddles. Lifestyles have become more stressful than ever which … Read more

Tips To Save Your Posture When Working From Home


Recently our lives and lifestyle have been dramatically altered by COVID-19. Lockdown, quarantine, work from home now known to all of us which a year before was abstract to us. Nowadays zoom meetings or sessions are trending instead of conferences. Working from home drew attention to this coronavirus situation. Whether we work from home or … Read more

5 Important Nutrients For Your Mental Health

Nutrients For Your Mental Health

In the last couple of years, we have seen an increase not just in physical health problems but also in mental health problems. And everybody knows that it is the need of the hour to talk about mental health issues and encourage those who are suffering from mental health problems to come out in the … Read more

Is Sleep Or Exercise More Important?

Sleep Or Exercise

Sleep and exercise are both critical to our life. In the busy world today, we are not able to give time for rest and exercise. But we need to make quality time for sleep and exercise. Sleep is necessary to achieve a sound and calm mind for thinking and using it for the entire day. … Read more

8 Exercises Seniors Can Do At Home Safely

Exercises for Seniors

Staying active is essential for people of all age groups however, the intensity of a workout depends on the ability of the person to perform it. For elderly people, it is suggested to spend around 150-200 minutes a week to exercise. Although seniors who are more active and fit can spend more time exercising according … Read more

Boost Memory and Brain Function with The Mind Diet

Mind Diet

The MIND diet was introduced after decades of research and close examination of the results after eating specific foods. The research specifically examined declining brain health with age and the chances of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. The MIND diet combines the properties of two other well-known diets: the DASH Diet and the Mediterranean Diet. The DASH … Read more

Sytropin Review

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect body. Still, a lot of people are able to squeeze in little workout sessions in their routines to stay fit and build a body they can be proud of. But, it is not always this easy. Many, who stick to their strict diet and exercise daily, are unable … Read more

Baby Sleep Miracle Review  

Baby Sleep Miracle

Having a baby is a tough job. Your body has to undergo wealth of changes to accommodate and nourish your growing baby, including fluctuating hormones and a re-arranging of the internal organs. Even as you struggle through these, it’s time for the actual birth. Only if you are very fit and healthy, not to mention … Read more