Can White Kidney Bean Extract Help With Weight Loss?

We’ll weight gain and obesity seems to be at an all-time high for decades or even centuries. Nearly 40% of women and 25% of men are constantly attempting to lose weight and there are several sad diets that pop-up like temptations to try. And then we have the unnatural supplementation marketed all year round and in every other health food store that gives promises to achieve that weight loss at a quicker pace.

Supplements have become another industry altogether.

If you are someone who is new to the weight loss journey and you are looking for supplements that might boost your weight loss during this transformation journey, you will find thousands of products promising healthy and natural combinations of nutrients that will help you reach your weight goals as quickly as possible. It is said that nearly $2 billion a year is spent by Americans for their weight loss supplements. There are thousands of such combinations of bioactive compounds and nutrients that promise weight loss as early as possible but how does one know which one is the best for their body? This is when a very unique extract of white kidney bean comes into picture.

Introducing white kidney bean extract

This extract is known to be a starch blocker and therefore its weight loss. Manufacturers of this supplement claim that white kidney bean extract helps curb cravings and hunger, it also inhibits absorption of carbohydrates, and is known to reduce abdominal fat. Although it is true that kidney beans can aid weight loss, supplements that contain kidney bean extract do have the same effect or not, let’s find out.

You see, the industry is a $1 billion one and there are thousands of different products on the shelves in your stores’ nearby area of appetite suppressants, prescription diet pills, fat burners, and much more. Unfortunately, the majority of the supplements lack scientific proof and can cause serious side-effects as well. Because you see if the supplements work, obesity would certainly be eradicated from the world,isn’t it?

White kidney beans is a Legume that is native to Central America as well as South America. This bean extract is often sold as a weight loss supplement as it is known to have properties that block absorption of starch in the food that we consume – the carbohydrates! The white kidney bean extract is known to stop the action of alpha amylase — an enzyme that our body uses to break down the carbohydrates. And by stopping this enzyme’s action of preventing the breakdown of carbohydrate and absorption of starch from the food that we eat, the weight loss journey begins!

What are the health benefits of consuming white kidney bean extract?

The extract of this being is also known to improve energy levels in the body and therefore boost athletic performances whilst reducing any chances of falling prey to chronic illnesses, for example heart disease. We must admit that there are several ongoing researches to understand the benefits that this white kidney bean extract provides when it comes to weight loss. Most of the studies so far say that indeed white bean extract promotes weight loss when it is consumed with means primarily because of the structure. Apart from boosting weight loss my kidney bean extract to control appetite, and decrease fat in abdominal regions. It also helps in managing your weight. Below are some of the potential benefits of white kidney bean extract.

Glycaemic control: carbohydrates is usually the major nutrient that is found in most of the foods that we consume like fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans. And during the digestion process, our body needs to break down the carbohydrates into glucose or blood sugar and this serves as energy for the cells of our body to carry out its activities. When we eat more carbohydrates, they’re either used as fuel or it is stored later for energy and they are stored as fat. When we consume white kidney bean extract, it works by stopping the enzyme that breaks these carbohydrates down into blood sugar or glucose during digestion. Therefore the fat storage in our body is reduced.

Lesser risk of cancer: Although there is no sound evidence that says why kidney bean extract prevents any risk of cancer., There are several health claims that can be related because of the health benefits associated with this way.

Reduces abdominal fat: Another name for abdominal fat would be visceral fat and it is the fact that usually surrounds all the vital organs of our body. An accumulation of this in particular but is directly linked to several chronic diseases like liver disease, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and so on. When you supplement your body with my kidney bean extract it helps reduce the abdominal fat as it reduces your appetite, increases your energy levels, and reduces your hunger.

Nutritional facts of white kidney bean

Ask any dietician and they will say that adding beans to your diet is very healthy. Consumption of legumes in general lowers your risk of colorectal cancer. Substance called lectin is found in white kidney beans which is known to kill cancer cells and stop spreading of the same throughout the body. These legumes are full of protein, potassium, iron, fiber, and other essential nutrients. One serving of cooked kidney beans that is half a cup contains only 112 cal and usually provides 23% of your daily recommended fiber intake. Apart from this it also contains – 0.4 g of fat, 5.7 g of fiber, 20.2 g of carbs, 7.7 g of protein, 0.3 g of sugars, 17% of the DV manganese, 21% of the DV copper, 11% of the DV are you, 9% of the DV magnesium, 8% of the DV potassium and zinc, 6% of the DV vitamin K. Beans are also loaded with B complex vitamins, folate, Thiamin, choline. These beans also have bioactive compounds in them.

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