Top Reasons To Lift Weights And Strength Train

The main reason all of us want to exercise is because we know that exercising will help us move every muscle and bone of our body give it the moment that it requires in order to remain healthy and function properly. If you knew the type of exercise that aptly benefits our heart and or improves our body balance and strengthens our muscle and bones, and also helps in either losing or maintaining a weight, wouldn’t we want to stick to it for life? Well, several studies have shown how strength training provides all of these benefits and even more.

Again, for those who do not know strength training is also known as resistance or weight training – it is a physical activity which is designed to improve our muscle strength and our fitness by means of exercise. Exercising a particular muscle group or muscle against external resistance by inclusion of free weights, or weight machines, or body weight itself is what is called strength training.

The basic principle here is to apply a load and then overload a particular muscle group of muscle so that it learns to adapt and become stronger. It is very important for all of us to understand that strength training isn’t only for bodybuilders and people who love lifting weights violet gym. Resistance training or regular exercising is considered to be good for people of all age groups and all forms of fitness levels– it helps them prevent natural loss of lean muscle mass which tends to become more as one ages. Doing strength training also benefits people who suffer from chronic health conditions such as heart conditions, arthritis, obesity.

In the core, one can consider that strength training is all dependent on functional movements such as pulling, lifting, pushing. All of these are required to build muscle coordination to perform every day activities smoothly.

Reasons to strength train and lift weights

Here are some of our favourite reasons to lift those feet and get motivated towards a strength training journey right away. Read on.

It helps in losing fat

We all know how stubborn fat can be when we have too much of it inside a body. When we begin to lift weights, we begin to build up early in muscle tissue which is known to be metabolic usually more active than fat in our body. So when we increase a muscle mass, you are directly increasing your metabolism as well and when it comes to burning fat metabolism is very much important as it helps you burn more calories throughout your day. Remember that regular strength training is also important as much is your cardio exercising for getting fit and losing fat.

It helps you become stronger

It is a very obvious assumption that when you lift weights you become stronger, however, people tend to forget that lifting weights doesn’t just make you strong enough to do those difficult workouts, but it also helps you become stronger in other areas when it comes to your life. When you begin to lift weights regularly, most of your daily chores also become easier – carrying your groceries, gardening, carrying your kids, house work, and so on.

You Are lesser exposed to injury

One of the most positive things when it comes to strength training is that it literally strengthens everything in your body now just your bones and muscles. When you are lifting weights you also strengthen the connective tissues of the body such as tendons and ligaments which keep your body moving regularly at a healthy pace. When your connective tissue strengthens, it helps you operate even at a peak condition and this protects you from any kind of injury.

Your arthritis pain reduces

Several studies have spoken about how arthritis sufferers when started lifting weights actually spoke about how the joint pain had reduced. When we strengthen our muscles, they were able to cushion and protect the joints during impactful activities such as walking. Even if you go to physical therapy programmes, they tend to incorporate certain strain training in order to rehab in an entire multitude of injuries. This serves as a Good reminder for us to lift weights in order to make a difference in the quality of the life that we are living.

It improves flexibility, stability, and balance

As we grow older our muscle mass, especially lean muscle mass, tends to reduce and this might make us vulnerable when it comes to our body’s balance as well as flexibility. But by lifting weights we can help our joints by keeping them flexible and strong so that you stay balanced and on your feet even when you are getting older.

It helps you get better at sports activities

Most of the athletes around the world follow some of the other types of strength training programs to keep themselves strong and reduce the risk of any injuries. When you train for a specific sport, with the help of strength training you will be improving your strength, speed, and your power and become a better athlete. This applies to teens and kids as well.

It is very important for us to understand that by lifting weights, the quality of life that you live improves by great lengths. You will no longer experience aching means well you walk up the stairs and no longer complaining of back pain while lifting your kids and grandkids. One simple inclusion of exercise can bring a huge difference that stays positive throughout your life.

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