How to Spot and Protect Yourself From Weight Loss Scams

For decades people have tried and tested various methodologies to stay fit and in shape. While some work, some don’t as hassle-free weight-loss may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially when one opts for short-cut methods that grant zero sustainability. Weight loss has hence remained a topic that sometimes seems like the sky without a horizon! Just as there are countless aspirants who will jump at the mention of a weight-loss plan, so are there scammers who will leave no stone unturned in devising means to trap people into their baseless plans. This article throws light on weight loss scams, how to identify them and what to stay mindful of when embarking on a weight loss journey.

Weight Loss

What Are Weight Loss Scams

If someone or something puts forth a promise that seems unrealistic or insensible, chances are that they truly are! While the warning bells of some people ring quickly during such instances, others tend to give in simply because they are not only naïve but are also desperate. Weight loss scams often seem attractive to the latter category of people – those who are struggling with weight issues. This point-of-weakness in them is what scammers take advantage of to bring their agenda to life. So, various devious plans are curated, in some of the most convincing ways. Most of them promise quick results that often require little to no effort put in. Various marketing techniques are adopted by these scammers and they ensure maximum reach through digital technology, ads, social media, etc.

Common weight-loss miracle scams are presented to eager consumers as supplements, in powder form that needs to be added to food or drinks, herb-infused clothing that stimulates weight loss, pills and capsules, tea powders and coffee mixes, medicinal drops, shaping and slimming creams, body-shaping magic belts, and several others – all of which falsely guarantee super-model figures and rapid weight loss results.

Certain common characteristics of these fraudster companies are as follows:

  • Most scammers portray themselves as being key players in the field for several years and keep handy substantial documents to prove the same.
  • They set up offices in well-known suburbs, and gather an army of fraudsters to work under them. Certain main employees may be aware of their fraudulent schemes and some fall prey to their near-convincing lies.
  • Most companies hire people or wannabe actors who will lie for a dime and make baseless testimonials to convince desperate consumers.
  • They often come forth with fake identities and keep handy all necessary fool-proof documents to convince weight-loss aspirants.
  • Often their deceitful ads are taken far and wide to ensure maximum reach
  • Such companies often do a thorough background check on their prospective clients and acquaint themselves well with medical and family history to make the best first impressions.
  • They ensure to gather maximum monetary benefits in very few time frames, through hassle-free transactions and then vanish without a trace.

What poses a major cause for concern alongside monetary losses is that some of these fraudulent plans pose dangerous health risks, where some end up with fatal outcomes. Not only do these weight-loss scams affect the physical health of people adversely but it also affects the mental health where many people lose their self-esteem, confidence, become depressed and even suicidal. So, the earlier these scams are identified and reported to the rightful authorities, the better for the benefit of all.

How To Identify Scams

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So, before you plunge your nose down into a weight-loss scam and pay for it heavily with your time and money, look for warning signs and give your intuition some credit. Even those who are gullible have an inbuilt intuitive mechanism that sometimes does go off when they are approached by tricksters. Listed below are some tips that could help you spot a scammer and avoid related woes that come along as uninvited guests:

  1. Anyone or anything who promises magical results in short periods is surely taking you on an unpleasant ride, especially when it is kilograms of body weight that we are talking about. If you have to lose weight sustainably and healthily then you have to be patient. Giving your body time to get rid of excess fat surely is no miracle job especially when those kgs got added over years of wrongful, careless eating habits and lifestyle choices.
  2. Any weight-loss plan that guarantees a trim figure without any workout involved is surely raising a warning flag that you need to steer clear from. Know that if you have to lose weight then you have to sweat it out. Daily exercising is a must that needs to be added to one’s routine and remember, consistency is the key.
  3. If anyone tells you that you can lose weight in your sleep then surely they are lying! Many of these fraudsters attract people with unrealistic schemes with zero science backing whatsoever. None can lose weight in their sleep simply by wearing a belt or tossing some powder or pill into one’s system. Sensibility plays a major role when it comes to achieving the best results.
  4. All schemes that offer endless or lifelong benefits by simply consuming some bogus potion for a said period are simply looking to waste your effort and money. Weight loss requires a realistic approach and no magic can help u lose weight unless you are determined to work hard for it.
  5. Also, if any weight-loss plan requests for a large amount of payment to be done upfront, then know that they are only interested in emptying your pockets. The better you allow your intuition to decide such cases the better.

Some Key Points To Remember

Before you step into a weight loss plan, it is important to be mindful of certain aspects that would help you attain the best results towards the end of your weight-loss journey. Some of those are:

  • Know your body and its requirements. Some people have genes, hormones, etc that may come in the way of their hassle-free weight-loss journey. So, the more one is aware of their bodily requirements the better results they can attain through time and effort invested.
  • Approach and adopt goals that are realistic and sustainable. This means that starving, consuming pills, etc need to be avoided and people need to adopt healthy eating habits and lifestyles.
  • Quit unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, etc as not only do these hinder one’s weight-loss plans but it also ruins one’s overall health in the long run.
  • Give importance to rest and sleep, just as you would to working out. Your body needs time to repair and the best of it happens when your body is peaceful and at rest.
  • Don’t let the negative words of others ruin your goals and plans. Stay determined and stick to your goals no matter what.
  • Many diet plans are genuine. Go for plans that have worked for someone you know and can trust, and accordingly invest your time and effort wisely on the same.
  • Educate and remind yourself that weight loss is a continuous process and not something that you can follow for a while and then go back to your unhealthy habits. If you do so, then you pay with both your time and money plus the lost kgs will undoubtedly crawl back into your system.
  • Opt for a gym, work-out space nearest to you so it’s easily accessible daily.


Identifying a weight-loss scam may sometimes seem tricky, especially if you are desperate, who is counting to lose weight hassle-free. So, firstly, educate yourself, be kind to your body, do some research about the plan and give yourself time to attain a goal that would garner maximum satisfaction in the end. Seek professional help and let your nutritionist or doctor know what you have in mind. Hire a fitness coach who can help you with a workout that would work best for your body type and health conditions. Rest assured, following such an approach can help you keep those scams at bay and healthily lose weight.

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