Blood Pressure Control Worsened During COVID Pandemic

In the human body, blood pressure plays a pivotal role. To remain healthy and fit, it is needed that the blood pressure remains under control. In case of high or low blood pressure, the body has to suffer from many effects which trouble various organs to act as they require. The spread of Coronavirus has impacted the lives of people worldwide. In a study, it is observed that during the phase of pandemic, the control on this important aspect of the human body was lost. There are ample reasons associated with this loss of control. A few of them are mentioned here.

The pandemic effect:

During the phase of pandemic, authorities had declared lockdown in several areas, and hence people were not allowed to move out for any reason. This also affected those who were suffering from different diseases. Those who needed medical facilities or support also had to stay without such support, which resulted in anxiety for many of them. Those who suffer from blood pressure irrespective of gender have seen a surge in blood pressure, and many also tried to contact the doctors online or by any other source. These facts are revealed in a survey carried out by a team of experts.

No fatality reported:

The survey was carried out in different regions, and the team has found that due to surge in the cases of blood pressure fluctuation, there is no fatality reported yet; however, there have been cases where the patients have to suffer from other health complications due to increase in blood pressure. Those who had some clue about the same got recommendations from a doctor and also went for required medications, but many others who had no support had to rely on emergency medical service guidelines over the phone and the internet.

The reasons for less blood pressure control:

The prime reason for such blood pressure fluctuation and less control among patients was anxiety and fear of the Coronavirus. The increase in cases and worsening situations made most of the people worried about their health. Most of them said that they were much scared with the increased rate of infection, more cases in their area, and hardships people disclosed for getting medical support and services. The increased number of death due to corona and various situations people mentioned on different platforms about getting infected also made them more worried. Many of the patients were concerned with the health of their loved ones, especially older adults and young members of the family. Those who work in the medical sector family members were found much worried raising their blood pressure.

How to control blood pressure?

In the opinion of experts, it is essential for people who suffer from high blood pressure to stay calm and avoid stress. One must think positively about the health and well-being of his family members. It is better to avoid reading news about various incidents related to coronavirus spread and the troubles people have to face while getting medical support. Meditation, regular exercise at home, and rightly taking medicines can also help to control blood pressure. One needs to keep himself active at home when it is not allowed to go out due to situations like lockdown. Listening to music, gardening, and regular household work can also help keep the anxiety and stress away.

As per the survey, in almost 70% of cases, it is found that people who suffer from blood pressure had less control over it during this phase. They were much stressed after knowing the situations of others who were infected and watching the news on TV as well as the internet. They were extra cautious to keep the viral infection away, and this made them more scared from the same. In another survey, people who have a single earner were much worried about the health of earning member as he has to go out and may have to encounter the infection. Many older adults tried to keep in touch with others on the phone to avoid any stress due to pandemic, which helped them relax and refresh at regular intervals. Reading good books, playing instruments, and playing with kids also helped many of them to enjoy the time at home and avoid stress leading to better control on the blood pressure shown in the study.

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