Coronavirus: Who Should Wear Masks

Walking around in CBD with my nose and mouth covered with a mask has become fashionable. Not that people are enjoying, but they have to force it for their safety. Coronavirus is known with code as COVID-19 has taught people to be conscious about their surroundings. Face masks that cover eyes and mouth are believed … Read more

SafeMask Review


COVID-19 or CoronaVirus is a new age virus that has been dominating the world and destroying everything in its path in a literal sense. We did have issues with pollution before, but right now, protecting our health is something that we have to do. The concern regarding COVID-19 is so great that even the World … Read more

OxyBreath Pro Review

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The use of a mask is necessary to reduce the separation of various kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses. The people who live in cities always advised using a mask to prevent themselves from polluted air. Bacterial and allergic infections are spreading at a vast rate. This makes life difficult and painful for many individuals. … Read more