Does Penis Stretching Work?

Some argue that you have quite enough power over the length of your penis as you do over the length of your biceps or the strength of your hamstrings. In reality, today’s internet is awash with penis exercises. Penis stretching is a process of lengthening or elongating the penis with your hands or just a computer. Even though there is substantiation that stretching will help you gain weight, the effects are typically minor. They may also be momentary in some situations.

Continue reading to discover more regarding how penis stretching appears to work, how to set reasonable standards, as well as how to stretch comfortably at home. 

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How does it work?

Well, you can get this job done by either practicing some stretching exercise or by using some sort of stretching device.

Let’s talk about some penis stretching exercises.

Manual stretching procedures include massaging the tissues throughout the surface of your penis with your finger. Stretching the skin and causing “micro-tears” mostly in tissue is indeed the goal. While the tissues recover, they can become engorged, causing the penis to grow bigger

Many exercises claim to boost girth as well. Tissue rubbing is also a focus of girth activities like jelqing. Stretching exercises have only anecdotal facts to back them up.

Stretching of the penis

  • Lift the penis upward when holding the penis head. Stretch it out for ten seconds.
  • Pull it to your right for ten seconds then keep it there.
  • Pull it to your left for ten seconds then leave it there.
  • Follow up to two times a day.

How to massage in Jelqing

  • Only with the use of thumb and index finger, make a circle circling the bottom of the penis
  • Gradually tighten the ring until it presses gently against the penis base.
  • Then, gradually shift the loop toward your penis’s head. This should take 3–5 seconds to complete the step. Reduce the force if it produces discomfort at some point.
  • Repeat for nearly Twenty minutes per day.

Provide some gentle pressure around the base of your penis

  • Move the penis upward when holding the penis head. Apply strong yet gentle force to the region around the penis’ end. Keep for a total of 10 seconds.
  • Add pressure to the region to the right side of the base by pulling the penis to the opposite side. Keep for a total of 10 seconds.
  • Create pressure to the region to the left side of the base and move the penis to the right side. Keep for a total of 10 seconds.
  • Repeat this procedure for up to two minutes twice a day

Exercising advice

While penis workouts are low-risk, there are some precautions that can be taken to ensure that an individual remains relaxed while doing them:

  • When standing, avoid extending the penis; it must still be completely soft or semi-erect.
  • Before doing any of the movements, lubricate the penis with petroleum jelly or even an organic oil.
  • These activities can only be done once or twice a day.
  • If a workout causes you pain or unpleasantness, stop quickly
  • Consult a doctor before doing these activities on a daily basis or for a prolonged period of time

Keeping any of these ostensible effects requires consistency.

Now let us see how penis stretching devices can aid you

Despite the fact that researchers have examined penile extension systems, it is still unknown how effective they are. Take, for instance, the penis pump. The penis pump is an air-filled, cylinder-shaped device that you connect to the pelvic region. They’re popular to give you an instant erection. According to some anecdotes, regular usage will gradually lengthen your penis.

Also common are penile traction systems.

The evidence for each of these methods’ efficacy varies from negligible to minimal.

These instruments include the following

Pumps that create a vacuum

The vacuum pump consists of a pipe that is inserted into the penis. The individual inflates the tube with air, causing blood to circulate to the penis. Soreness and an erection are caused by enhanced blood circulation. Vacuum pumps are often used to treat ejaculatory dysfunction

Some argue that using a vacuum pump on a daily basis can improve penis size, but research contradicts this claim. After six months of use, individuals in a 2006 analysis reported no noticeable physical effects. Nevertheless, some users reported feeling psychologically better after using the pump.

Rings of the penoscrotal

Penoscrotal rings are a type of ring that fits around the core of the penis They function by preventing blood supply to the penis resulting in a harder or longer erection. According to some studies, wearing one of these devices while taking ejaculatory dysfunction drugs like sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis) may improve penis length in men with insecurity. That being said, there are just three well-documented instances of these consequences in existing research.

Extenders for the penile

Penile traction machines, also known as penis extenders, work by stretching the tissues of the penis to lengthen it. According to some studies, these technologies are efficient. They do, however, necessitate perseverance and determination in order to yield noticeable results. According to a 2010 study of existing studies, penile extenders could be successful in elongating the penis, close to what surgery would accomplish. Since it is successful and minimal risk, the authors believe that this approach may be superior to surgery.

A 2009 research that evaluated the consequences of one particular penile extender in Fifteen men was one of the research included in the analysis. The participants were told to use it for at minimum four hours per day for six months by the investigators. Most people gained a substantial length gain of 2.3 centimeters (cm) about 0.9 inches for a deflated penis including 1.7 cm about 0.7 inches for an upright penis throughout this period. The size of the penile girdle did not improve noticeably. According to a 2011 survey,

Similar results were recorded by Trusted Source, with only an overall size gain of 0.7 inches. It included 23 men who used another form of penile extender for three months. They were using the unit for four to eight hours a day for the first Fourteen days until increasing it to nine hours per day for the rest of the analysis.

A further viewpoint, according to a 2013 study from Trusted Source, traction technologies can help people with Peyronie’s syndrome, a disorder caused by an accumulation of scar tissue within the penis, maximize length and minimize deformities. People considering using a penile extender should be aware that the majority of this research uses limited sample measurements Other objections involve Trusted Source preference prejudice which implies that randomization of study samples may not be adequate, and scientists may choose study participants to accomplish a specific outcome.

Further research is needed to assess the safety and efficacy of these technologies with greater accuracy.

Health problems and threats that can arise

Rubbing your penis too hard can result in large tearing in the tissues or injuries to the ligaments which bind your penis to the body. These problems can make it difficult to obtain or keep an erection. Obey your doctor’s orders for how often you can wear a traction brace. Wearing it for an extended period of time will result in injuries that impair penis functionality. Allow no longer than Thirty minutes for blood circulation to remain in your penis when using a device.

Exercising or using devices to stretch can result in:

  • itchiness
  • swelling or discoloration of the skin
  • numbing sensation
  • vein breakup
  • red spots around the penile length

If your problems last longer than a few days or are serious, see your physician. Your doctor will evaluate your symptoms and inform you of the best course of action.


There are a variety of procedures and technologies that promise to increase penis size. In the vast majority of cases, there is no proof that all these activities or items work. Most techniques of penis stretching are close to zero risks when used correctly. Some, including such exercises, may assist people in becoming more confident with their penis’ size. Although the above procedure will free the phallus from its girdle and stretch that in its flaccid condition, whenever the penis is erect, it will also withdraw toward the pelvis and shrink. Furthermore, a penis that had previously pointed upward while an erection could now hang downward or even to the side following the treatment. The majority of men who are concerned regarding their penis shape or size are within acceptable limits.

Anyone concerned about the presence or functioning of their penis, on the other hand, should consult a physician. Instead of obsessing about whether or not size matters, concentrate on enhancing sexual performance by encouraging healthy health behaviors such as exercise, losing weight, and abstaining from booze and tobacco. These can boost your sex life and satisfaction better, unlike any penis hanger.

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