Will CBD Oil Result In A Positive Drug Test?

Cannabidiol oil is one of the types of cannabinoids, and this oil is naturally found in marijuana plants, but CBD oil does not create any intoxication. Many cannabinoid types are present, which create a high effect on the body like THC cannabinoid. CBD oil also uses in many treatments, and it gives a positive result. In rare cases, CBD oil may lead to a positive drug test. Some CBD product contains a small amount of THC, which is the main ingredient of marijuana. You have to choose the best product according to the elements present in the products.


THC contents in CBD oil

Many CBD popular products help to control many types of pains and anxiety, which promote sleep. It will also help to relax your body. If you take a more significant amount of CBD oil, then it will fail your drug test, and it may turn into a positive case. Therefore, you have to take the proper amount of CBD oil, which does not contain THC.

When you go for the drug test, the most detected chemical in the drug test is THC. Most of the people think that CBD oil is THC free, but in many famous products, THC traces are seen. The contents of THC vary from products to products. Both THC and CBD oil are found in marijuana and Hemp respectively. Marijuana, Hemp are two types of the cannabis genus which contains a different amount of CBD oil. Marijuana has many active chemicals such as THC, and CBD oil, and Hemp contains CBD oil, other active substances, and some traces of THC.

You can also extract CBD oil from a marijuana plant with the help of many extraction processes. If you are going for the drug test, then you have to choose the best quality product which is free of THC active chemical.

Different reasons for a positive drug test

There are many reasons which can affect or help in failing the CBD drug test. Following are some significant reasons which are necessary for you to remember

  • Using a product which contains THC traces:

THC is the most common reason for a positive drug test. If you are using CBD oil products that contain little amount of THC chemical, then your drug test will come positive. Most of the low-quality CBD oil products contain THC. Therefore, select the best product with high quality and THC free.

In some cases, manufacturers claim that their product does not contain THC, but this statement not always true. For the regular drug test, you have to use THC free high-quality products, which are also healthy for your body.

  • Cross-contamination:

It is a possible reason for many reasons. In the manufacturing industry, which makes both THC products and CBD oil products, then THC may cross-contaminate with CBD oil, which means that in CBD oil products will contain a small amount of THC chemical. The small amount of THC chemicals is sufficient for failing your drug test. The manufacturer must consider avoiding this cross-contamination of chemicals. 

  • Mislabeling of products:

If you are buying your CBD products online, then you will find this problem prominent. Most of the online CBD oil products are mislabeled. Therefore, you can choose high-quality products online or a trustworthy brand that gives you a guarantee for THC free products. It will also cause some severe harm to people who consume this product. The CBD oil products should contain only 3 percent of THC chemical, but if the ratio goes wrong, then your drug test will come positive.

  • Secondhand exposure:

 Secondhand exposure means if you came to contact the person who is a pot smoker or smoke THC, then your hair will catch the THC chemical, and it is sufficient for a positive drug test. The marijuana hair test is the most common test in which your trial will found positive because of secondhand exposure. If you are sitting with the people who smoke THC for several hours, then it will inhale a fair amount of THC, and it will also turn your test positive. Therefore, exhibit safe distance from the people who consume THC regularly.

  • Amount of THC in the digestive system:

According to the study, when you consume the CBD oil products, it will break down in your digestive system, and it is broken down in small THC chemical particles, which is enough for a false positive drug test, only possible when you consume the low purified CBD oil products. Therefore, opt for the best quality product which is well purified and THC free. It is excellent for your health and drug test.

Various ways to avoid a false positive drug test:–

Following are some essential ways of avoiding the positive drug test which is necessary for your regular drug test –

  • You have to do good research on the CBD oil product which you are using. You have to go through the ingredients and the description of the product. You have to see that the products are pure, and the manufacturing company is legitimate, which provides you with excellent safety and guarantee, the first and essential way to avoid a false positive drug test.
  • You also have to check that the manufacturing industry, which makes the CBD oil products are extracted from hemp and the source of hemp is viable. If the product is not pure enough, then your drug test will come positive.
  • You also have to ask questions about the cross-contamination of chemicals in products. You can also look for the technique or process of making this CBD oil product that THC free. Cross-contamination is one of the reasons for failing a drug test. Therefore, you have to ensure all the possibilities.
  • You also have to avoid contact with a pot smoker or who smokes the THC chemical, also called secondhand exposure, and it will lead to a positive drug test. Avoid contact with the hairs and hands of the THC consumer people.
  • You have to buy the CBD oil products from a trustworthy brand that provides you with the best quality CBD oil product. The CBD oil product should be THC free and pure, which will help with your good health and pain.

All this information is essential for you to know which factors can affect your drug test. You have to follow all the above information and instruction properly. In the end, if you are taking CBD oil products, then ensure that it is from the reliable source which contains isolated and purified CBD oil. The quantity of THC measure in the product is not suitable for your health, and it is not helpful for your anxiety.

You have to choose the best high-quality CBD oil products for excellent health, and it also does not lead to a positive drug test. Make sure that the manufacturing industry is this product using the superb technique for making CBD oil, and the source of the industry which provides them with the hemp is excellent. In the end, the products which contain THC chemical lead to a positive drug test.

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