CBD Products You Can Use To Enhance Your Performance During Exercise

CBD stands for cannabidiol and has active ingredients of cannabis. CBD is beneficial in relieving anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder and promoting sleep. The CBD component is directly extracted from the hemp plant and does not cause “high” or “munchies” post-consumption.

CBD majorly addresses issues like chronic pain, the misery of insomnia, depression, or stress and also helps in staying asleep. CBD also has its benefits over the brain cells too. Though CBD has few side effects like nausea, fatigue, and irritability, it’s not considered as a medication but as a supplement in treating various disorders.


The top identified benefits of CBD are as below:

i) Works as a Natural Painkiller

  1. ii) Strengths and heals injuries faster
    iii) Bones Strengthening and healing
    iv) Relieves stress and anxiety issues
    v) Regulates sleep and treats insomnia
    vi) Cures chronic pain and reduces the aches
    vii) Beneficial to Cancer patients going through Chemotherapy

How Does CBD Work

CBD is processed and come from the hemp plant and addresses the endocannabinoid system in our body. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) plays a significant role in balancing our bodies and is a physiological system that controls health. The ECS receptors make sure to have a response system for the human body in place originating from the brain to organs, glands, and various tissues and play a crucial role in our immune system to our nervous system. That is why ECS is known as the bridge between the body and mind.

The cannabis extracted from the plant produces phytocannabinoids that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. CBD works on the receptors of the ECS and allows our bodies to make more of these receptors above its natural production. CBD also supports the ECS functions that keep the body changes under control and also adapts to external stressors. CBD act as an additional booster to fill the body’s needs or give it more.

ECS receptors are known to regulate neurotransmitter function, metabolism, inflammation, and mitochondrial function, and CBD is the booster to those function helps in relieving pain, strengthening muscles and smoothing of various health functions.

CBD and Exercise

Studies have shown that there is a connection between the human body’s endocannabinoid system, exercise, and pain management. Workout can cause muscles to sore, or sometimes the strength required to carry out specific activities is not provided by the body. Here the CBD comes in the role by interacting with those receptors present throughout the body and increase the endurance required for carrying out specific functions. Along with boosting the outcome of natural human body operations, CBD also eases muscle soreness. Exercises that involve stress on the muscles can cause soreness or pain in them. CBD helps in removing this soreness and helps to focus more on the performance rather than the pain.

CBD Products that can increase performance during exercise

No doubt that the CBD products have similar aims, and CBD has common effects on the body, but it’s just a myth that all the CBD products have the same results. The way of consumption of the application or ingestion involved has various effects on the receptors, and the time it takes to show results on the body. Factors like the amount of CBD, other ingredients or substances present in the supplement/ product, the form of the product can affect the efficiency and duration of results as well.

Below are the products that contain CBD have been offered in multiple forms:

  1. Oral CBD Oil – CBD oil is known as one of the most concentrated forms of CBD substance and comes in liquid form. It is also said to be the most effective and efficient product pre, post, and exercising.The effect of the CBD oil is fast because it is an oral form, and after it is consumed or injected, it goes straight into the bloodstreams, helps in recovering exercise strains quickly. CBD oil’s inflammatory property also cut down the inflammation that might be resulted due to exercising.
  2. CBD Capsules – Capsules are solid form but are pure and well-concentrated, allowing the pain-relieving faster.
    CBD capsules are consumed and ingested by swallowing further broken down by the body and released into the bloodstream to reduce inflammations and body pains. These capsules can be consumed directly or can be incorporated in the diet plan, which enables strengthening during and after exercising and lets the body to enjoy wellness.
  3. CBD Edibles – CBD edibles are offered in the form of various edibles like CBD tea, energy chew, gummies, etc. People who are not comfortable with oil and capsules opt for such edibles and are also excellent for wellness. These CBD edibles come without restrictions and are well-favored.
    These edibles help in reducing stress, tension, and anxiety while working out and increase your activeness and effectiveness while working out. Eating or consuming those CBD edibles before exercise can help manage and reduce stress and tension. Also, gummies can be chewed during the training to help ease the burden or pressure of the target, enhances the performance, and even a drink like CBD tea post-workout can reduce fatigue and feel energized.
  4. CBD Salve – CBD salve is a topical product that is applied directly to the skin for pain relief. Often employed as a massaging cream for the body after exercising that helps the body to ease the tension generated from working out, also has rejuvenation property which allows feeling relieved faster in case of any pain or aches
  5. CBD Massage Oil – Another form of CBD oil that is not oral is a topical form that is applied to the skin’s surface. Its working is the same as CBD salve and has a faster impact than oral CBD products because it can be directly applied to the place or body part where the pain persists. It also helps in reducing the stiffness post-exercise, tension in muscles or joints, and relieves the tiredness post-workout session.
  6. CBD Powder – This type of CBD product has no taste or smell and is an isolated powder, which is easy to swallow or mix with any other edibles/meal/food/ water. CBD beneficial for sleep, and sleep has a practical impact on workout efficiency. CBD powder can improve sleep quality, and better sleep promoted a better workout routine. Quality sleep enables muscles to grow better and tissues to heal faster after exercising.


Another benefit of CBD is it reduces pain or aches present in the body. Often a leg day or biceps day can cause slight pain or ache in the body parts, which might reduce the efficiency the next day. CBD helps in reducing such pains and helps in maintaining the same energy every day at the workout. Further CBD also helps in recovery. Also, this does not mean it replaces the broken or injured parts. Recovery or healing is concerned with the rebuilding of the tissues or muscle fibers. CBD does interact with the receptors that are responsible for restorations. It boosts and adds up to the natural process and thus fastens the speed of recovery. Hence, combining exercise with CBD can help in faster healing without much pain and soreness.

A lot of researches is still going on how ECS and CBD are connected in terms of increasing endurance. But it has been found that CBD helps in boosting the endorphins during workouts and helps in achieving a better level of stamina.

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