Baby Sleep Miracle Review  

Having a baby is a tough job. Your body has to undergo wealth of changes to accommodate and nourish your growing baby, including fluctuating hormones and a re-arranging of the internal organs. Even as you struggle through these, it’s time for the actual birth.

Only if you are very fit and healthy, not to mention young, you can hope to give birth naturally.

Most deliveries are cesarean births these days. This means the baby is delivered after cutting your lower abdomen. After an assisted delivery like this, you have an incision to heal plus your lady parts hurt, bleed, and pain – Postpartum bleeding can go on for months.

Along with this battle with your own body, you have a brand new baby to take care of. Most women have very little help in doing so. Just think about it – while you tolerate the pain, change pads, and take antibiotics for infections, you have a squalling baby who refuses your nipple to breastfeed. The baby also doesn’t sleep much and wakes up in the night, keeping you awake too.

It is any wonder that women globally are breaking under stress and work after having a baby. Most new mothers have loads of mental problems, too, most of them undocumented. Postpartum depression is a looming epidemic. So are eating disorders, body dysmorphia, extreme dieting and anxiety, and stress. Most, if not all, can be attributed to a lack of sleep.

Most women try different ways to make their baby sleep at night. They use different types of sleep training methods to get their baby to fall asleep like Ferberizing or letting your child cry themselves to sleep. This, though, can cause serious harm to your child. Harvard researchers discovered in a recent study that babies who are left to cry and sleep, suffer chronic nervous system damage. What’s worse is that these children are also sitting ducks for developing anxiety disorders, including panic attacks. And increasing evidence is coming to light which conclusively proves that if you leave your child repeatedly crying without any kind of gestures or touches of reassurance, his brain will not develop properly.

Some mothers also leave their babies in swings when it’s time for sleeping. This too can cause serious harm to your child due mainly to falls and other accidents.

So what should you do? You have a squalling child at two a.m in the night and you are too tired!

We are going to talk about a hack that will help new mothers like you have a bit more ease and comfort in your life.

What we are going to be reviewing today is a scientific way to get your baby to sleep. This way, once your dear child is sleeping, you can get a quick restorative nap without any worry.

How does it sound? Read on to know more about this baby sleep hack.

Baby Sleep Miracle

About Baby Sleep Miracle

The Baby Sleep Miracle is a scientifically validated guide for putting your baby to sleep. It comes to you in the form of an ebook and all the tips and information points here are eminently practical, actionable, clear, and safe. The guide is written in a warm, concise manner, and the sleeping hacks work for all children. What’s also wonderful is that all these tips are proven and scientifically validated. Plus, the sleep hacks are tailored to specific age groups and this is not another one- size- fits- all kind of a manual. Countless women have tried this simple protocol for their babies and have prevented themselves from the slippery slope of depression.

Mary-Ann Schuler, a clinical psychologist with experience of more than 2 decades and with two children of her own, has designed this program.

How Does Baby Sleep Miracle Work?

The information that’s been used to design and formulate this step- by- step guide is based on ground-breaking research done by the Stanford Center For Sleep Science and Medicine and the Harvard Medical School.

Mary-Ann Schuler did lengthy research on calming babies down so that they could fall asleep, thereby easing your burden. She researched sleep in babies and toddlers, digging out actionable information that she used to write and create this ebook on sleep for babies and especially what makes them sleep soundly. What actually made her take up this baby sleep project was her own experience with her infant son’s fitful sleep.

The Baby Sleep Miracle ebook is divided into four chapters and subchapters. You will understand the ways your infant is trying to communicate with you. You will thus come to know by observing his actions and expressions when he is tired and wants to sleep. The book also guides you to recognize and deal with separation anxiety and tantrums.

At the end of the Baby Sleep Miracle program, you will understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of your child’s specific sleeping patterns.

After this, the author introduces what she calls ‘Sleep tricks’ that will calm down your baby instantaneously and make her sleep comfortably. These will also give you vital, usable information like the age, after which your baby can stick to a bedtime routine more easily based on their neurological state.

Mary-Ann has indeed culled priceless information from multiple validated scientific research in the best centers across the world on the developing child. She has sifted through dozens of studies looking for identifiable sleep patterns used to make this once-in-a-lifetime program.

The program thus works without pacifiers, swings, or relying on letting your baby cry to sleep method called Ferberizing. 

baby sleep miracle review

Baby Sleep Miracle: What You’ll Discover Exactly

The Baby Sleep Miracle comes to you as an ebook and this is precisely what you’ll learn in the four chapters:

  • Why you should not breastfeed your baby to sleep or rock him to sleep
  • The book tells you the right way to do it
  • The one simple thing to do to make your kiddo happy
  • How to release your baby’s pent up emotions in five minutes flat
  • The seven-steps to put your baby to sleep (This is the part that you can’t afford to miss, parents!)
  • There is also the California Institute of Technology’s surprising trick for boosting your child’s sleep hormone so that she can sleep deep and tight This secret trick is safe and requires no medication whatsoever.

How is Baby Sleep Miracle Different?

Baby Sleep Miracle is an ebook that tells you everything you need to know about putting your little angel to bed. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach by any means.

It takes a deep dive into child psychology dividing babies into nine specific and distinct categories based on research by the American Academy of Paediatrics that talks about the exact developmental differences based on the neural wiring of brains between these nine age groups, which influence your baby’s sleep.

Mary-Ann’s sleep tricks for a three- month- old baby are different than those for an eight-month-old. This ebook also provides actionable tips to calm your baby and yourself down, and you learn to build a healthy relationship with your infant.

Baby Sleep Miracle PDF

How Should You Use the Baby Sleep Miracle?

All you have to do is to follow this sleep guide for babies to the ‘T’ and see your cherub sleep deeply and longer.

Is The Baby Sleep Miracle Safe?

Yes, it is based on validated research by some of the biggest medical schools and on 20-years of research of the clinical psychologist author. This program has also already helped more than 17,643 parents of babies to get restful sleep after a long time finally. All the tips offered are scientifically validated, as well as tried-and dusted, and these work for practically every child.

How Soon Can You See Results?

This sleep guide for babies requires you to follow some simple steps, failing which it will not be able to work on making your baby sleep. The program is also not a ‘magic pill.’ You do have to work. In short, then, the Baby Sleep Miracle works with surprising speed for almost all babies, but only if you let it.

Benefits of Baby Sleep Miracle  

The Baby Sleep Miracle program benefits you in several ways, like:

  • It cuts your risk of depression caused by sleep-deprivation
  • It reduces the risks of injuries and accidents due to drowsy driving. 71,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths are caused by drowsy driving each year according to research.
  • It saves marriages. Consider this- the Seattle-based Gottman Institute says that 67% of couples almost divorce during the first three years of their new baby’s life, due mainly because of a lack of sleep.

Baby Sleep Miracle: Price

You can gain access to the entire Baby Sleep Miracle program for just $37.

Baby Sleep Miracle: Free Bonus Gifts

The ebook/guide comes with three free bonus gifts, worth almost $200, entirely free of charge when you order Baby Sleep Miracle.

  1. Night Terror Stopper

The Cleveland Clinic, one of the best children’s hospitals in the US says that every second child suffers from nightmares. This makes them wake up screaming, and unable to go back to sleep. This is why this guide on stopping nightmares in kids comes in so handy. It gives you simple steps you can follow to allow your baby to sleep peacefully.

  1. Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle

This one is dedicated to the sleep of twins as well as younger siblings. As the birth rate of twins explodes in the United States, rising 76% from 1980 through 2009, you need double help to put your twins to sleep. This is where this guide scores.

  1. The Miracle Sounds MP3

This will give you an amazingly effective soundscape that will help your baby snooze off. It’s been tried on thousands of babies, and it works every time.

Baby Sleep Miracle: Refunds 

The Baby Sleep Miracle comes with a 60-day, hundred percent, money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

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What Is the Baby Sleep Miracle?

Baby Sleep Miracle contains the exact plan to put your baby to sleep peacefully. It’s a guide that hand-holds you into understanding your baby’s sleep patterns and gives you simple, actionable Sleep tricks that you use for baby sleep.

Who Can Benefit From the Baby Sleep Miracle?

New mothers and parents can use this program. More than 17,643 parents have, in fact, already tried this program and are happy with it. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes a day to put into practice.

How Do I Use the Baby Sleep Miracle?

Just follow the guide and do the steps required for you to see the difference.

How Soon Can I See the Results with the Baby Sleep Miracle?

Some new parents have seen overnight results with this program, and others may take a couple of days or a week or two to see the first sign. This happens because every baby is different, and this guide starts working on ‘you’ where you are and guides you to make your baby sleep tight.

Where Can I Buy a Baby Sleep Miracle?

You can buy this product from the product website only. 

Is Baby Sleep Miracle Safe For My Baby?

More than 17,643 parents have already given positive feedback about the efficacy and safety of the program. It is a natural and holistic system to lead your baby to sleep gently.


  • The Baby Sleep Miracle program benefits you in several ways, like:
  • It cuts your risk of depression caused by sleep-deprivation.
  • It reduces the risk of injuries and deaths caused by drowsy driving each year.
  • It saves marriages as most new parents divorce during their baby’s first three years due to lack of sleep.


Customer Testimonials

Paula – I was having major issues putting my 5-months-old Sammy to bed. I had to rock him to sleep every single night. Now, after reading your ebook and following the Sleep r tips, I know what to do to put Sammy to sleep. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

The Verdict

This program is not just any guide. It’s an A-to-Z definitive guide on how to get your baby to sleep healthier. It solves your babies and your sleeping problems once and for all. It’s also well researched, nurturing and it works on all babies.

So, grab a copy and get to sleep!

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