The Three Best Yoga YouTube Channels To Start Your Yoga Adventure

Yoga is one of the most popular practices on the planet and it can be done anywhere. If there’s space to do it, then you can.

In fact, you’ll find it practised in many different situations and scenarios, from lunchtime work yoga classes to even addiction rehabilitation centres, with places such as UKAT integrating yoga into their treatment. This addiction counciling website explains more on that, with the qualities of yoga reducing stress, relieving anxiety and creating a clearer mind, all integral to recovering from addiction.

Of course, yoga is practised in everyday life too, and for many there’s no better place to do it than at home with a YouTube class. However, type in “yoga” or “yoga class” and you really do not know where to start, with so many classes and experts to choose from.

That is why we’re here to help with this list of our three favourite yoga YouTube channels to get you started…

Yoga with Adriene

For many, Adriene Mishler is the ultimate YouTube yoga practitioner and Yoga with Adriene is universally popular thanks to her friendly and down-to-earth nature. They aren’t intensely produced videos which makes it feel like you’re in a room with Adriene and it’s a much more relaxed feel. There are a range of classes available from Adrienne, from quick five minute sessions through to longer 50-minute ones, so there really is something for everyone.

Bright & Salted Yoga

Perfect for the beginners, Arianna Elizabeth is the face behind Bright & Salted Yoga and each and every Monday and Wednesday new classes drop for you to enjoy, typically lasting no longer than 20 minutes.

Like with Adriene, there’s something for everyone and we’re big fans of this channel.


Sarah Beth is an excellent yoga instructor and her YouTube channel really is a gem of a channel, particularly as you’ll find hundreds of videos with real insight into particular poses, which is great for someone looking to try yoga for the first time, selecting some of the simpler poses, while she’s really good for helping you take it to the next level too.

It’s a YouTube channel that you will never get bored with, and there are a range of different types of workout and workout lengths so you can fit SarahBethYoga into your routine with absolutely no problems at all. What are you waiting for?

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