Volume Pills Review

About the product

Volume pills are natural pills that are developed to improve your reproductive health and sexual activity. They are designed for males to increase their volume of semen ejaculated.

volume pills

It’s a natural and easy way to increase the satisfaction of the partners during intercourse, without having a bad influence on a person’s sexual drive.

It consists of ingredients that are well-researched and are scientifically tested and proven to boost your ejaculation amount.

It also improves the health of sperms by regulating body hormones. This product also reactivates the interest in intercourse. It also helps in overcoming sexual impotence. It tends to give better erections and orgasms.

It decreases the risks of premature ejaculation. It improves sperm quality and mobility. Thus, improving stamina and sexual activity.


It consists of natural herbs, which have their benefits. Let’s know about their benefits:

Volume Pills Ingredients

  • SOLIDIN: This herb has a compound called L-dopa, which is a neurotransmitter for pleasure. It maximizes the feeling of sexual motivation and sexual satisfaction.
  • XI LAN ROU GUI AND HONG HUA FEN: It is a vasodilator. It helps in widening the blood vessels. Thus, increasing the blood flow in the male genitalia, which helps in stronger and harder erections.
  • SAN GUO MU: It has calming effects at the time of intercourse. It also helps in providing full control during sexual activity. It regulates the heart rate. It is a crucial component for productive sexual activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  • KU GUA: It is best known for increasing testosterone hormone levels. Once the level is increased, it facilitates more semen production and acts as a sexual desire booster.
    It has other benefits like decreasing the body fat amount, and it also has Vit C in it.
  • DONG CHONG XIA CAO: It boosts the testosterone levels, which increases the sexual motivation in males. It is proven that it starts showing the effects in 3-7 days. It also has it’s positive impacts on sexual desire.
  • ZINC OXIDE: Since in modern food habits there is a lack of Zinc which is also a reason for decreased sexual desire, that’s why it is included in Volume Pills. The main role is to increase sexual desire
  • LING ZHI: It increases sexual appetite and stamina in males. Thus, keeping them energetic all the time. It also boosts the positive attitude and vitality.
  • XIAN MAO: It is a natural ingredient that can be used as a substitute for Viagra. It is used as a traditional medicine in India and China due to its benefits and natural origin.
  • TIAN MEN DONG: It has very important benefits of overcoming impotence in males. Apart from this, it has calming effects on the body. It also helps in maintaining a healthy weight; it eradicates nervousness and facilitates better sleep.
  • DRILIZEN: It helps in maintaining higher levels of testosterone hormones, which increases the volume of sperm formation and ejaculation. It also helps in quick erections.
  • FUCUS VESICULOSUS: It improves the functioning of the male reproductive organs. It ensures sexual health. It helps in maintaining the health of thyroid gland and cholesterol levels.
  • 4′, 5, 7- TRIHYDROXYFLAVONE AND EMBILICA OFFICINALIS: It is beneficial for all the sex organs. It helps in preventing purposes and helps in treating cancer. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, which improves the health of blood vessels.

How does it work

The product has its benefits from fighting impotence to improving sexual performance in many ways possible.

It also helps in maintaining the health of the person consuming the pills, by maintaining the body weight, regulating the heart rate, treating cancer, ensuring the health of thyroid glands, and keeping cholesterol levels in check.

It also boosts the confidence and motivation of the consumers. It improves sexual performance, giving harder erections, and increasing the volume of sperm ejaculation.

It increases the level of testosterone hormones which leads to the formation of sperms in the first place. It also increases the sexual desires of men but keeping them in full control due to its calming effects. It also increases stamina and energy to satisfy their partners.

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  • Easy way to improve ejaculation volume –The product will help you increase the testosterone level in the body, which will increase the formation of sperm cells. Making you ejaculate more than usual.
  • Boosts stamina – It will keep you energized all day. Two capsules a day can ensure the feeling of enthusiasm and will take away all the tiredness.
  • Sexual Appetite – You will start noticing the changes in your sexual appetite. You will be more interested in intercourse. And will start having a positive attitude.
  • No need for an inorganic capsule – Regular consumption of the capsule will ensure the health and sexual benefits. It will improve sexual desire, overcome impotence, improves your mood, boosts your confidence and energy, keep you calm, and will enhance control while performing intercourse.
  • Improving the health of the sex organs – The function of different organs will be well-performed once you start taking the capsule regularly. As it has different organic elements to fight with the problems that you might be facing during sex.
  • More satisfaction – It will give you more satisfaction and a feeling of pleasure. The ingredients lay a better impact on the neurotransmitter of your brains that will give you the feeling of contempt.

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Side effects

According to reports and feedback collected from consumers, there are no side effects witnessed in people using the product. The product is made up of natural ingredients, which will not lay any degrading effects on the body of the consumer. The ingredients it is composed of have its benefits. You can rely on this product fully if you want to extract the benefits you’re in search of.

There are negligible feedbacks by the consumers stating the negative impacts of the product. You should go through the instructions well before start using the product.

Do not overuse the product, and use it is in the same way as it is told in the instructions. Because overdosing might lead to some health problems. Be careful about:

– Visit your doctor if you’re already consuming any other medicine to know about the effects beforehand.

– This product is recommended for adults; youngsters less than the age of 18 yrs should not use it.


The price of Volume Pills keep on changing now and then, but the change is due to its great deals and offers. The results shows are worth spending the amount. It will not make you feel disappointed after spending on this product because of its amazing benefits.

The company provides several deals and discounts frequently. The original cost of a month’s supply is £61.03. Sometimes it can be purchased at a £49.62 packet. You can visit the official website of volume pills and get yourself some exciting deals on the purchase of 3 months supply or more.

And the best deal is to buy 12 months supply at a time. It gives you savings of £466.00 on MRP. This is such an amazing deal for you to buy this product and keep yourself and your partner satisfied as long as possible.

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Money-back guarantee and refund policy

The company has an attractive 67-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied after using the product or if you are not getting the results, you purchased this product for.

Without any discomfort or interrogation, the company will take back its products and will return you the amount back, less than the cost of shipping, that you spent on buying the capsules. A full refund will be valid for only 67 days.

However, if by any chance you forgot and you didn’t return in 67 days. You won’t be able to claim any refund.


The product has a lot of advantages and also some disadvantages:

  1. It may be a disappointment for those who think it has permanent benefits, and it will only work as long as you take the pills.
  2. Overdosing might lead to various health problems, like increased heart rate.
  3. It can only be purchased online- You can not find it in any of your local or nearby stores. You have to visit the online website to buy this product. For some people it can be availed easily, but, not for all.
  4. Beforehand payment – You have to pay immediately at the time of buying the product. You can not delay the payment process if you want to buy this product. It doesn’t have options like cash on delivery.
  5. It might cause Allergies – As it is made up of various ingredients, and if you’re allergic to any of it, then you might face allergies. Do you consult with your doctor about the product? And then use it as per the instructions mentioned.
  6. The results may not be the same for everyone who is using the product. The human body responds to medicines differently. So, it might not be of use to everyone who is consuming Volume Pills. Though, it has proven benefits, but, still, there are chances that it might not work in the same manner as it did in others.
  7. Not designed for youngsters – It should only be consumed by the people above the age of 18 yrs. People below the age of 18 yrs should not use it as it might not be good for the health at such a tender age.

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Customer reviews

Customers have experienced some exciting effects of this product on their body. The reviews are mostly positive for this product. It has good market penetration, and the customer base is increasing day by day due to its improvising effects with no side effects.

Some of the customer’s reviews are as stated below:

“I Can Still Count on Having a Nice Load”

Very satisfied with the results, I’m 49 and frequently active with my girlfriend. It’s nice to know that at my age I can still count on having a nice load.

– Anthony Winters, UK


I am using Volume Pills™, and the first month was very impressive. I was kind of at a standstill until the fourth month and then…Whoa!!, I’m glad I stuck with it. Thank you!

– Clint Robertson

“A Noticeable Increase in Volume and Intensity of Orgasms”

I have been using Volume Pills™ for about five months and am very pleased with the results. I have experienced a noticeable increase in volume and intensity of orgasms. This product works!

– Jason Quinones, United Kingdom


Volume Pills are a natural supplement that can improvise your quality of sperms ejaculated, and also it’s volume. It and helps in maintaining body weight, so it can make you look quite attractive.

It will increase your testosterone levels which can make you more interested in having intercourse, and later leave you with the feeling of satisfaction. It can overcome your problem of impotence too. And will also give you a better orgasm.

The ingredients are natural and beneficial for the consumers. They are 100% natural which will not degrade your health if you start using this product.

You can completely trust this product for increasing the sperm count, motility. It will give you harder erections. It boosts your testosterone levels which will increase your sexual desire and also give you quicker erections. It will also increase blood flow in your genitals. Thus keeping you motivated all the time.

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