The History Of Erectile Dysfunction

The history of erectile dysfunction dates back to many centuries as there is documented evidence of treatment being provided for such problems since the 8th century. The method to treat such problems has come a long way since then, as scientists understood more about this problem. Many centuries back, the exact cause of erectile dysfunction was not known as they did not have so many advanced equipment to conduct blood tests and other tests. Given that situation, the medical practitioners had a lot of misconceptions, and it was treated differently in different cultures based on their belief system and availability of resources to treat such conditions.

erectile dysfunction

Talismans to cure ED

You will be surprised to know that even talismans were used once upon a time to treat erectile dysfunction. During the eighth century, physicians of ancient Rome and Greece suggested wearing talismans of rooster and goat genitalia to improve sexual function. Similarly, it was also believed during that time that eating roasted wolf penis would improve the libido in aging men. Some of the common methods used to treat low libido included eating the genitalia of animals with a very high libido.

People have gone to several extremes in treating ED for ages, and it was no surprise that drinking rabbit semen was a common practice among men with low libido. Similarly, the semen of hawks and eagles were also in great demand.

Preventing masturbation to treat ED

During the 18th century, it was widely believed that masturbation was the main reason for ED and other sexual problems at a later stage. To prevent men from losing semen due to masturbation, Dr. Solomon’s balm was applied. The balm was made from a mixture of brandy, cardamom and cantharides. It was supposed to be applied on the testicles to reduce the thoughts of masturbation in young adults.

Testosterone therapy to treat ED

During the 19th century, science had advanced a lot, and many scientists concluded that testosterone was the main culprit in causing ED. Several scientists now began to experiment with different ways to boost testosterone in humans, and methods like injecting extracts of dog and pig testicles were also tried during the process. In one such experiment, the testicular graft of monkeys was transplanted to humans to see if this could improve testosterone levels. However, none of them were successful even though they had identified the right cause for erectile dysfunction.

Vacuum erection device

The noninvasive method was first developed during the early part of the 1800s, and it is still used in some cases to treat ED problems. The pump applies negative pressure to the penis, which can increase blood flow into the penis. This can cause an erection in most cases. However, the vacuum pump has to be appropriately used to get the best results, and it is inconvenient for many people to use such methods in today’s world. You cannot carry it to every place, and it looks odd when you are trying to use it regularly.

In 1935, Adolf Butenandt was successful in making artificial testosterone from cholesterol, and he got the Nobel Prize for his work. Such methods were tried for many years. The medical industry was always looking for new ways to treat erectile dysfunction as it had become a common problem among elderly and middle aged people.

Penile implants

In 1936, even penile implants were tried by doctors. Nicolos Bogoras was the first to experiment with this method, and the penile implant was developed using bone and rib cartilage. However, the problem started after a few years when the body began to reabsorb the implants. Later in the 1950s, acrylic rods were used as penile implants to avoid the problem of reabsorption. However, this had high rates of infection and other issues. To counter such problems, silicone rubber was used during the 1960s to avoid infection.

Viagra was introduced to the market

The major breakthrough in this regard came in 1998 when Pfizer first introduced Viagra that contained sildenafil. It was the first FDA approved treatment for ED that provided satisfactory results in adults. It has since then become the first resort for men suffering from ED problems.

The tablet is the most convenient way to treat ED, and most people are happy with the results. It works wonders to provide satisfactory erection in most adults and senior citizens. The good thing about the pills is that they can be taken irrespective of age, and this has certainly spiced up the sex life of many elders. However, it is not suitable for heart patients as it may lead to some complications. For the rest, it can do magic as the effect lasts for nearly 4 hours once the tablet is taken in the oral form. It takes about an hour to start showing effects, and many people can manage their sexual activity according to this effect.

There are some precautions that need to be taken while using Viagra or other ED medications that contain sildenafil. You should avoid mixing them with alcohol as it can lead to complications in some cases. When you face mild side effects, it is better to ignore them and continue with your activities as treating the side effects with medications can lead to further complications. You should not exceed the dosage and always take this as per the instructions of your doctor. The best part about sildenafil is that it is not habit-forming, and you can easily stop this when you do not want to engage in sexual activities.

Are modern-day ED medications safe?

As the medical community has better coordination across the world, it has become easy to regulate the medication for different health conditions. Pharma companies are not allowed to sell any drugs that are not approved by the local health departments. In this way, it is safe to assume that modern-day ED medications are safe to use as long as you use them in the right dosage and the right manner after getting a prescription from your doctor.

There are some side effects, though, like nausea, vomiting, headache and body cramps in some cases, and most of them do not cause any harm in the long run. The side effects are seen only in a few cases when people already have other health conditions. Other than that, you should be careful about not using ED medication when you are having heart problems or severe blood pressure problems. Other than that, most people can safely use modern-day ED drugs and get relief from erectile dysfunction problems.

In this manner, the treatment for erectile dysfunction has come a long way from using talisman to consuming pills like Viagra. The current medication available to treat erectile dysfunction is not the ultimate as even this has some drawbacks. You may not be able to use ED medication when you are suffering from heart disease or other chronic illnesses. However, research is underway to find better solutions to treat this problem. As of now, even though there is no cure to this condition, it can be effectively managed with proper medication. Soon, scientists may come up with better medicines that can offer good relief from ED problems safely.

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