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There are many places where a man can get celebrated in life. You can get celebrated for being born. You will get celebrated when you succeed in his studies, when you get a good job or obtain financial independence, and when you get children of his own. While birthdays and anniversaries are not all that for men, having children is almost like a rite of passage that a man must fulfill to be recognized in the world as having succeeded to an extent.

The natural way of doing things is to have a partner with who you will have children. For you to get here a few objectives must be met, one of which is provision. The areas of success mentioned above are needed at different points in time to enable you to succeed in other areas. But there is a much-celebrated but little spoken of achievement that you know of to be able to succeed. This is the success you achieve with your partner in between the sheets.

You get to be celebrated every time you get her to a screaming orgasm and she’s staring at you in awe. She will celebrate you by submitting to the power you have over her body and celebrate you for all the different ways you make her feel. But your life is not quite right if this quiet celebration is missing. There are a number of things that could make you unable to perform and get celebrated. Male Extra is here to change that course so you can receive your fair celebration.

male extra review

About Male Extra

Male Extra is a supplement that has been in the market for more than nine years helping men to discover the power they have within. It has been able to assist more than 150,000 customers to find their greatest potential in between the sheets. Through this time it has continued to perfect the recipe that creates one of the best male enhancement supplements in the market. It has become more potent and more refined giving you results that you can take to the bank.

It uses an all-natural ingredients formula that is guaranteed of its safety. This gives you the peace of mind to use it knowing you will not get any weird or costly side effects in your body. It has a double power dosage on the main ingredients it uses compared to every other male enhancement formula. This makes it the most powerful supplement in the market. It also uses a unique blend of ingredients that you will only find in it and no other.


Male Extra utilizes seven powerful all natural ingredients that are proven to work to enhance male sexual health. They are time tested ingredients that have been used by generations for the betterment of their health and the happiness of their partners. You will find these ingredients used:

  • L-Arginine HCL.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane.
  • L-Methionine.
  • Zinc.
  • Cordyceps &
  • Niacin.

maleextra Ingredients

L-Arginine is an amino acid that is turned into nitric acid when it gets to the body. Nitric acid is responsible for dilating blood vessels in the body allowing them to carry more volumes of blood. Studies have shown that when taken regularly it takes around one month for a man to get better erections that are longer lasting and be able to perform better.

You get 600 mg of L-Arginine which is the main ingredient of this supplement. This assures you that you will have a higher volume of blood taking residence in your penis when you erect. This translates to you having stronger and firmer erections that will last you through the night if need be.

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid is an extract from the pomegranate fruit. It serves as a powerful antioxidant in the body. Research has discovered that this fruit through the present ellagic acid boosts blood circulation throughout the body. This includes in your penis. The increase in blood flow ensures you get a strong and firm erection whenever you want to. This flow of blood also aids in getting all the nutrients to their respective destinations quickly.

Another benefit of pomegranate is that you get so energized that your fatigue is delayed anytime you are engaging in physical activity. This ensures that you last through the sexual encounter you are having until you are both completely satisfied. This acid also works to protect nitric acid from the damage that could be caused by free radicals. Nitric oxide is essential for the increase of blood flow since it serves to dilate the veins. By being dilated the veins get to have more holding power. You get a good portioning of 500 mg to suit your every day need.

Methyl Sufonyl Methane is known as MSM for short. It is an organic form of sulfur and it is known to support the free flow of blood. Its core work is in strengthening the cells and tissue of the body. It is essential for the good health and function of tissue and cells and is necessary for the growth of the penis as it enables the production of new cells that have the capacity to hold more blood. You get a serving of 100 mg a day in every Male Extra pill.

L-Methionine is an amino acid that is essential in the working of the body. It is believed to block the hormone histamine from being produced. This hormone is responsible for causing you to ejaculate. It is believed to be responsible for premature ejaculation when it is in high levels. When this amino acid comes into the body and inhibits the production of this hormone it prevents the hormone from being in excess in the blood. This ensures you are able to last a long time before ejaculating. It comes in servings of 100 mg per pill.

Zinc in citrate form has been used in Male Extra to encourage the production of testosterone in your body. Citrate is one of the best forms of zinc in terms of its absorption rate in comparison to other forms of zinc. This mineral is vital for the proper functioning of the body because without it testosterone levels drop dangerously low. This in turn affects your sex drive negatively and also reduces your sense of smell. So the zinc served at 14 mg per pill is essential for the proper functioning of the male body.

Cordyceps is a natural herb that has been in use in Chinese medicine through the ages. It has been used specifically as a sex drive booster and stamina builder. It functions through two chemicals within it called deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid. These two chemicals seem to be able to directly affect the area of your brain responsible for sexual drive. Studies of the same have been conducted with positive results showing marked improvement in the sexual drive and function of men who use this herb. You get 25 mg of this wonderful aphrodisiac.

Finally, you get niacin which is simply the compound in vitamin B3. It is known to have the ability to dilate blood vessels helping them to have a better flow of blood. This property gives you the ability to have bigger and fuller erections while helping you to stay erect for longer. All these nutrients come together for the purpose of giving you great sexual health.

How Does Male Extra work?

Male Extra uses your blood to enhance the working of the penis. For sex to be enjoyable it requires for your penis to be nicely hard. It also requires for you to be able to last long.  A hard penis ensures you are able to penetrate your partner while being able to last long gives you the ability to get her to her climax.

The supplement works by enabling blood vessels to be relaxed and expanded through the work of different ingredients. This in turn allows the vessels to contain more blood. When penile tissue fills up with blood it becomes large and rock solid. You also get to have nutrients and oxygen delivered in great volumes to the tissue giving you more power to work with than you normally have.

male extra reviews

How to Use Male Extra

You get to use Male Extra on an everyday kind of ritual. The ingredients used in this supplement in such a way as to be at their maximum doses. Unlike other supplements, this one does not hold back in order to save on production costs. It gives you every nutrient at its optimum portioning. You are then able to increase in strength, desire, and size.

You will see significant changes in you from three to six months where you get to have an increase of up to 2.6 inches in penis size. You can be sure you will get a different reaction from your partner when you start using this supplement.


Male Extra has been made powerful for your benefit. It is the maximum load of nutrients and twice the amount of nutrients compared to other supplements. You are advised to take three pills three times a day. This will be adequate to cater for your everyday needs of the supplement. You should be careful not to take more than the recommended dose. For one, it will not be helpful to you as the recommended dose is the optimum intake required. Secondly, overdosing can have dire consequences however much it is a supplement.

Is Male Extra Safe to Use?

Male Extra has been made following strict guidelines under the manufacturing standards of the USA. It has taken an all natural approach to the ingredients it uses ensuring you get authentic nutrients and not lab-made. It does so in order to safeguard your health and ensure you take products that are free of toxins and hazardous chemicals. The supplement is safe to use with no side effects being reported from all the men who have purchased it.

Try Male Extra™ Risk Free Today for 60 Days

Benefits of Male Extra

  • Enhanced Penis Health: This product has the ability to enhance your sexual health. This is through the increased blood flow that is encouraged to your penis by the nutrients in it. You are assured that you will be feeling more vibrant following your use of the product.
  • Increased Blood Flow: The ingredients in this supplement encourage the expansion and relaxation of blood vessels that allow them to transport more blood to the penis than is normal. This increase in blood gives rise to added nutrients and oxygen being supplied. This is where the health of the penis gets increased.
  • Strong and Long Lasting Erections: You will get to enjoy rock hard erections courtesy of this supplement. You will also be able to stay erect for a much longer time. This is through the increased blood flow that has been driven to the penis.
  • Enhanced Libido: The supplement has powerful ingredients that get to dial up your sex drive up to the top dial so that you will have an instant desire for your partner on command. You will not have to struggle to raise up the soldier because he will be raring to go the moment you even consider your woman.
  • Intense Orgasms: The moment you take this supplement it will direct a good amount of blood to engorge your penis. This will give you great control of your penis allowing you to orgasm only when you want to. Additionally, you get to have more semen production courtesy of increased testosterone levels in the body. That will, in turn, lead to greater volumes of semen at the point of orgasm. This gets you having more pleasurable climaxes with your partner like never before.

Purchase & Price

The product is available on the official manufacturer’s web page. One of the benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer is that you are able to get tap into discounts you can only get here. The other benefit is that you have a secure payment system. You also get to have enforced money back guarantee which you can always redeem.

There are three kinds of packages to choose from, the one month supply, the four months’ supply, and the six months’ supply packages. The one month supply is the basic package and goes for £39.95. Buying from the site enables you to save £15 which was initially at £54.95. The four months’ supply goes for £124.95 letting you save a whole £105. When you purchase the six months’ package you get it at £154.95 which allows you to save a whopping £185.

The four months’ and six months’ supplies both come with bonuses of one free erection gel and two free erection gels. Shipping is free and fast allowing you to get your product quickly.

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Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company gives you up to two months to try out their product. This should be adequate time to test and see if the product is doing what you wanted it to do for you. If within 60 days you are not satisfied then the company allows you to return the product then. This is a 67 day money back guarantee that allows you to get a full money back guarantee minus shipping and handling.

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How soon should I expect to get my package?

You should be ready to receive your package 1-15 days from the time you place it. This is dependent on where you live in the world. It takes between a day and two days for the packaging to be done so factor in this time too. This equals to a minimum of two days and a maximum of 17 days.

How fast will I get results from when I start using the product?

You should expect to start to see results after two weeks. The time your body reacts varies from the next person, but it is important to keep on taking the supplement even when the results start to show. The increase in penis size begins from three months up to six months. So take the product consistently and religiously.

Can I take Male Extra at 70 years of age?

Male Extra has been formulated to work for men of all ages and especially for those that are of advanced age. You can therefore easily take it. The only limitation to you is if you are under any serious medication or suffer a serious medical condition. If you are in any of these two categories then it is wise to see your doctor before you start taking the supplement.

Try Male Extra™ Risk Free Today for 60 Days


  • Enhanced sexual stamina.
  • Firmer and stronger erections.
  • Increase in penis size.
  • Better sexual health.
  • Charged libido.
  • Increased testosterone production.


  • There are time limited discounts.

Customer Testimonials

“I have been enjoying the fruits of using Male Extra five months from when I began. My girlfriend is elated she chose to stay with me as I take her to places she has never been before.” Regan James, United Kingdom

“I couldn’t ask for a better supplement. I’m able to engage a higher gear and maintain it during sex to the point my wife gets emotional. She has been having bed shaking orgasms two months after I started using Male Extra supplements. And I am not stopping.” Thomas Pederson, UK

“I was a little skeptical, especially not having done this before. But I didn’t think it could be dangerous considering the ingredients they make it with. It was amazing getting the results I did just three weeks after I started using it. My wife got a lot closer to me and always wanted me around her. It has been amazing. I recommend this to anyone who has not tried it. It works!” Brian Torrez (Norfolk, UK)


If you have been feeling the need to perform better than you do right now then probably there is a reason for that. Maybe your partner is dissatisfied and you see she needs you to be more. Maybe you know the time has caught up with you and you are feeling weaker as the days go by. Male Extra is the go-to supplement for you to be given a whole new style of living and lease of life.

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