Testosterone: Debunking the Myths

Testosterone is a male steroid hormone which plays a very important role in puberty and fertility in men. It affects the sexual life of men. Not just sexual life, but it also affects the overall health of the body, found in both men and women. It affects body fat, muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell, and mood in men. Testosterone the key hormone that helps to differentiate gender from a man or a woman.

Testosterone helps in the growth of male genital organs, those appear externally, and men often exhibit a higher presence of the hormone when compared to a healthy woman’s body of the same age. The hormone affects the physical strength and body hair growth in men. The levels of Testosterone constantly changes by the requirement of the body, a range of 300 to 1000 ng/dl scales of testosterone measure are considered healthy in men.

How important is Testosterone?

Testosterone not just promotes sexual desire, but it does a lot more in men. Testosterone often called a sex hormone. This hormone is responsible for producing sperm in men. Testosterone is also responsible for building male sexual characteristics like facial hair, deeper voice, bigger muscles, body hair, broader chest, and pubic hair. Testosterone makes men different from women. Testosterone helps men become faster, more powerful, and bigger than women. It creates sperm in the body of men, without which men can never get the pleasure of becoming a father. Indeed the hormone Testosterone is the real power source of men.

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels?

The existence of the level of testosterone hormone in men’s body, not the same all the time. It regulates to decreases and increases according to the body’s needs. The production of Testosterone decreases as men get older. According to the study, after the age of 30, the production of Testosterone in the body of men starts decreasing. With time, the production of Testosterone gets decreased in the body of men, a normal life cycle of Testosterone in men’s bodies. Sometimes testosterone level also decreases due to some physical illness or weakness in men. This way of decreasing testosterone levels considered abnormal. These types of symptoms found in about 40 percent of men. These symptoms are found in men when Testosterone decreases abnormally;

  • Hair loss in body and face
  • Decreased sex drive
  • low muscle mass
  • Erectile dysfunction problem
  • Growth of breast
  • Low sperm production
  • Fatigue
  • depression
  • Obesity
  • Low energy level


How to Increase Testosterone level?

It is possible to increase Testosterone levels in the body through two main ways to testosterone levels in the body, the first is by natural means, and the second is through medical treatment. Certain types of foods and exercises are very useful in increasing Testosterone. There are various types of supplements available in the market to increase Testosterone, which are called testosterone boosters. Besides, Few medical treatments enable to improve Testosterone levels in the body; these treatments vary by cases and treated with different techniques.

Natural Ways of Increasing Testosterone

  • Maintain Body Weight
  • Sleep at least 8 hours daily
  • Drink coffee
  • Take vitamin D
  • Exercise
  • Eat nuts and beans
  • Take zinc

Boosters or Supplements

Many medicines and supplements claim that they can increase Testosterone. Such medicines and supplements are called testosterone boosters. Some of these supplements claim made of natural herbs. These products are very effective, like Testogen. But these medicines and supplements only work in normal cases. If the case is more severe, then other medical treatments such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy are used.

Myths About Testosterone

Most of the people know the importance of testosterone hormone in the body. That is the reason there are a lot of myths about the same. There are myths about higher and lower testosterone levels. There are myths about increasing testosterone levels. The internet is full of these myths. These are some common myths about Testosterone;

High Testosterone Makes a Man Aggressive

One of the most common myths about high testosterone level is that high testosterone level makes a man uncontrollably aggressive. It is not true. It is the lower testosterone level that makes a man moodier and anxious. When the testosterone level in a human body decreases, it makes a person aggressive. There is medical evidence that higher testosterone levels can help treat mood swings, negative feelings, and even depression.

Excessive Testosterone Causes Male Pattern Baldness

Many studies claim that high testosterone levels cause male pattern baldness. It is because most people who take anabolic steroids face the problem of male pattern baldness. And as we know, anabolic steroids are a synthetic form of Testosterone. So it is believed that higher testosterone levels cause male pattern baldness. But the truth is baldness has no connection with higher testosterone levels. Baldness often inherited from the mother and father’s family. So it is just a myth.

High Testosterone Level Causes Prostate Cancer

Most people think that higher testosterone levels can cause prostate cancer. So they fear to take any medications or other treatments of increasing testosterone levels. It is written all over the internet. But the truth is that prostate cancer is associated with lower levels of Testosterone, not with the high levels. People with lower testosterone levels have more chances to develop prostate cancer than people with higher testosterone levels. It is just a myth.

Low Testosterone Only Happens With Age

A majority of people believe that low Testosterone exists with age, which is normal as well as partially true. Reduction in testosterone levels can also happen at a younger age, and the reasons are often considered abnormal and linked to issues causing various health and sex-related problems.

Testosterone Only Affects Sexual Desire

Testosterone is a major sex hormone of men. It affects the sexual desire of men. But it is not just limited to sexual desires. It plays a very big role in a man’s life. Testosterone is responsible for sexual desire, erections in penis and sperm production. It builds male sexual characteristics like facial and body hair, broader chest, and a deeper voice. It is Testosterone that makes a man bigger, stronger, and faster than women. Apart from this, Testosterone also affects body fat, muscle mass, bone density, and red blood cell. So it does not just affect sexual desire, but it affects the whole body of men.


Testosterone is the hormone of a man and regarded as most required for the male human body. The male sexual behaviors defined by the levels of Testosterone in men and the hormone is what transforms boys into men. As there are myths about every important thing, the same is the case with Testosterone. There are many myths about Testosterone, while people make mistakes by believing those myths. Lower Testosterone can cause some very serious health problems. It can even become fatal sometimes. Testosterone levels can be increased and decreased if there is a requirement. There are many medical methods available for treating Testosterone related problems. Everyone should avoid these myths and consult a doctor if having any issues.

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