How Omega-3 Fish Oil Helps In Weight Loss

These days, everyone around us wants to stay fit and healthy. Fitness today is synonymous with weight loss. People try lots of fad diets and exercises to get rid of extra inches. But sometimes, nothing works. If you are looking for a supplement that can make you healthy but aid in weight loss, you need to use Omega-3 fish oil.

Omega 3

If you are still not convinced about having this supplement, you need to know the major benefits of Fish oil and how it aids in weight loss:

Fish oil reduces hunger and appetite

One of the biggest reasons people gain weight is because they tend to overeat. One of the biggest reasons people overeat is because they get overstressed about everything in life. Thus, using fish oil as a supplement can be helpful in suppressing hunger and appetite. The use of fish oil tablets can be even more effective in people who are using a proper diet plan and an exercise regime. In a study conducted, healthy people consumed 1.3 grams of fish oil per day, and they reported feeling fuller even when they skipped two meals in a day.

In addition to this, omega-3 fish oil supplements also increase the level of fulness hormone in obese people and also decreased the level of the same hormone in non-obese people. Thus, get rid of frequent hunger pangs by consuming omega-3 fish oil.

Increase in metabolism

People who are obese have a lower metabolism. Thus, one of the effective ways to get rid of extra pounds is by increasing metabolism. If you have tried all methods of increasing metabolism, you should try to consume a few grams of omega-3 fish oil supplements. The supplement will help you in increasing the calories burning capacity of your body. Thus, when you exercise and go for physical training after consuming fish oil, you will get better results in terms of loss of calories and weight.

In one study conducted, healthy women who consumed 3 grams of fish oil supplement every day were able to increase their metabolism rate by 14%. If you are tired of trying lots of exercises and workouts and nothing works, it’s time to try Omega-3 fish oil in your everyday regime.

Increase the impact of exercise

The metabolic impact of fish oil is not limited to a boost in the number of calories you burn every day. Many research has suggested that the consumption of fish oil can also be helpful in burning more amount of fat after exercise. This happens simply because omega-3 fish oil can help you in switching carbohydrate to fat as a source of fuel when you are exercising. Thus, if you are not getting effective results after trying different gym and physical fitness sessions, try to include fish oil in your diet in the form of a supplement.

Building of muscles

The impact of fish oil is not only limited to the burning of fat. Instead, it can be helpful in building muscles too. In a study conducted, people took about 2 grams of Omega-3 fish oil every day for almost 6-weeks, and they were able to lose more than 2lbs fat. In addition to this, people were also able to build muscle mass, too, without any exercise. So, choose a quality fish oil supplement and get the perfect physique without sweating in the gym.

Minimum fat storage

One of the biggest health concerns we face every day is fat storage around different parts of our body. It can also impact the internal organs in our body. Regular use of fish oil can minimize the risk of storage of food in your body as fat. This happens because the use of fish oil increases insulin sensitivity. Keeping the cells of your body sensitive to insulin is one of the easiest ways to avoid fat storage so that you can lose extra weight and pounds.

So, use all these benefits of Omega-3 fatty fish oil to get rid of extra weight. But, before you purchase these supplements, make sure that you are purchasing a quality supplement from a good brand. These days many supplements come up with false names. Try to stay away from supplements containing heavy metal and harmful chemicals. Have a happy and healthy body by using fish oil supplements.

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