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About the product

Eat Sleep Burn is a manual that claims to contain the miracle tea that will change your life. It includes the recipe and other techniques that lead to you losing weight in your sleep. It restarts your metabolism and helps you regain the energy, life, and body you lost on the way. It is a simple, all-natural solution to the weight loss you’ve only dreamed of.

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The program works for everyone and anyone. If you’ve been particularly unlucky with losing fat and can feel it affecting your social life and even your marriage, we think it’s time to try Eat Sleep Burn. The manual is convenient, easy, and comes with guaranteed results!

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The ingredients for the tea are kept under wraps. Until you buy the manual, you cannot access the recipe for their miracle tea. However, we can tell you that all the ingredients are organic and natural. It is a herbal tea that is extremely easy to prepare and contains one super secret ingredient that pushes toxins out and starts the process of fat burning.

How does it work

Eat Sleep Burn is based on the simple principle that no amount of eating healthy, exercising, and dieting, will help if you aren’t getting the correct kind of sleep. According to the site and the manual, there is a particular type of deep sleep that spurs the burning on stored fat in the body.

When you aren’t getting the sleep you require, your body starts to break down lean muscle rather than fat in your body, so you might be losing ‘weight’ but definitely not the fat in you.

In order to achieve this uninterrupted deep sleep, Dan Garner has a special tea, long with a patented ‘Shutdown Sequence.’ The recipe for the tea, as well as the shutdown sequence, is provided in the manual.

The tea is made of all-natural and organic ingredients. The tea, along with the sequence, is meant to put your body into a deep sleep triggering all the right hormones to burn fat instead of muscle. It helps the body balance hormones such as Leptin and Grehlin. They are essentially resetting your metabolism.

Eat Sleep Burn Reviews


  • Easy way to lose fat – The program guarantees fat loss and weight loss almost overnight. There is no need for overexercising or extreme dieting with this program. All it takes is following the recipe for the tea and other instructions in the manual. You’ll notice yourself feeling lighter the next morning!
  • Safe – The program is safe. The tea is all-natural and organic, meaning no harmful chemicals or toxins that could hurt your body. There is also no strenuous exercising or unsafe trick in the manual that could potentially put you at risk.
  • Boosts metabolism – The program in no way hampers your energy or metabolism. After you start the program, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter, more energetic, and happier overall! You’ll find that your metabolic rate has improved, meaning permanent weight loss!
  • Changes in Appetite – You will start noticing the changes in your appetite. You will no longer be craving bad, junk food. There also won’t be a constant craving for food. While your appetite won’t disappear, you’ll find that you’re not constantly looking for the next meal and can eat three to four times a day like you used to.

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No side effects

There are no side effects from the tea or any other part of the program. As mentioned, all the ingredients are natural and easy to procure, and none of the sequences will harm you in any way.

No need for dieting

As long as you drink the tea, and follow the Shutdown Sequence, you’re going to be burning fat in your sleep. This means no more intense, restrictive dieting that leaves you feeling worthless if you step a toe out of line. You’ll find that you aren’t craving the bad foods as you used to, either.

Guaranteed results

There are guaranteed results from this program. You’re going to start seeing results almost overnight. The fat will be melting right off you as you get the sleep you deserve.


The price is extremely reasonable for the product they are offering. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on experts with no results, you can buy the manual for $197. When putting up against the $900 odd you would have to spend otherwise, this seems like a steal.

There’s more! One of the founders and users of the program, Tanya, has provided us with an extreme discount. The price (for a limited time) is $37. This discount comes with the added bonus of 3 e-books from Dan Garner himself.

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Money-back guarantee and refund policy

Eat Sleep Burn provides you with a chance to get your money back if their program hasn’t worked for you. Within 60 days of buying the product if you have experienced no changes, you can just get your money back. You simply have to email them at [email protected], and within no time, they’ll have your money returned to you!

Side effects / Cons

The program is meant to be easy to follow and completely safe. The recipe for the tea, while undisclosed, is known to be completely natural and made of ingredients that can be procured from your local grocery store. The manoeuvres mentioned in the manual are meant to be safe for anybody, regardless of gender, weight, etc.

While it does seem like a miracle program, there are a few issues:


  1. It is only available online. If you were hoping to purchase the book, you’re going to have to do it online. The payment mode for which is either a credit card or PayPal.
  2. The changes in weight may differ from person to person. Where one person might lose 10kgs, someone else might lose 3kgs. There is no standard measure of how much weight you’re gonna lose.

Claim Your Discount Now Get Eat Sleep Burn At $37

Before and After Results Pictures

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews are always an excellent way of making sure the product actually works. Here are some reviews from customers who have bought and used the product.

“I had lost all hope in losing the fat I had gained over the years and getting back to my usual self. I was constantly lazy and lethargic, and dieting just made it worse for me. It’s not until I tried Eat Sleep Burn did I realize that there was still hope. After reading about the product and what it could do for me, I ordered the manual, and I haven’t been more thankful that I did. I have been sleeping better, feeling more energetic, and losing weight rapidly. I haven’t felt better in years!” –  Taylor

“I was always a fitful sleeper, and I didn’t take much notice of it until it started to affect my health. Eat Sleep Burn has helped me improve my sleep cycle and therefore, my health. It comes with the added benefit of losing fat as well! I haven’t felt this well-rested and clear-headed in a very long time.” – Tiffany

“I couldn’t understand what was standing in the way of me getting fit. No amount of dieting and exercising was working out for me. I visited many specialists and spent hundreds of dollars on their consultations and expert opinions. Nothing was working for me. I had spent so much money on unnecessary gym memberships special foods. I even spent money on supplements and other harmful things for my body. I was recommended Eat Sleep Burn from a friend who saw me struggling with my fitness. Nothing has worked as well for me. I have saved so much money, and I no longer have to do things I don’t like! I can be free and fit!” – Nitin


Eat Sleep Burn seems like a miracle. From its promises to simplicity, it seems more like a hoax than anything else. You’ll soon find that it is not. The program has found the answer to all of your weight issues. It makes the process of losing weight easy and convenient.

With just tea and a proper night’s sleep, the fat and weight will just roll off you. Overnight you’ll find yourself tightening that belt a bit or marvelling at the spring in your step. Not only are you losing weight with this program, but you’re getting back the energy and life that you had lost.

It is also insanely affordable. For a recipe and technique that most celebrities pay thousands of dollars for, you pay only $37! But you’ve got to hurry. The discounted offer only lasts a short while, but we assure you it is worth it.

For anybody struggling to lose weight, the ease with which we blame ourselves is the ease with which you’ll find yourself losing weight the minute you employ these techniques. All it takes is one step to break the barrier between you and your fitness goals. This is your chance to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. The best part? You can do it in your sleep!

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