Custom Keto Diet Review

A stabilized diet is an essential need for every human. All the organs and tissues of our body require different nutrition and nourishments to function correctly. The intake of poor food is a cause for all diseases. Development and growth in children are also affected by the food and supplements they take. The individuals who don’t follow a proper dieting schedule will always face problems in life. Poor performance in academic, office, sport is also a cause of inappropriate food intake.

Obesity and cardiovascular diseases are the other problems people face when they don’t follow a proper diet. The increase in the level of calories in the body leads to diabetes and additional health issues. There are many health criteria fixed by governments and various institutes which tells you about the exact number of calories your body needs. To stabilize the required number of calories in your body, you must have good habits of eating.

Are you thinking of how to choose a proper dieting plan? There is no need to worry because here we are going to provide a resolution to your question. You need a dieting plan according to your health and habits. There are many doctors or consultants that provide an ordinary dieting course to everyone. Every individual body works differently, and their problems are also various. So it is essential to choose a dieting plan which is best for you.

After going through a lot of research, I find a dieting plan suitable for all. The name of the dieting plan that we are going to study here is Custom Keto Diet. This is the most influential and straightforward to follow the dieting plan I have ever seen. It provides you with a dietary program that not only helps you in maintaining your weight but to retain your health.

Custom Keto Diet provides you with changes that you have never assumed. This dietary plan is wholly based on scientific evidence and research. You can find a perfect nutritional plan for any person. All your frustrations for your weight, figure, health will inevitably end if you use the Custom Keto Diet.

The satisfactory thing about this diet plan is you will not have to starve as compared to other similar dietary plans. In this nutritional plan, you have to consume a high-fat diet and limit the intake of carbohydrates. Lack of carbohydrates in the body means a lack of sugar. As we know if the body doesn’t have an ample amount of sugar, then it starts using fat for energy, and this is how you start losing weight.

Custom Keto Diet claims that you will lose weight in just eight weeks which means approximately two months. This method is speedy and effective, as well. If you are serious and want to lose weight without compromising with your favorite dishes, then read the article carefully and get this dietary program now.

custom keto diet

What Is a Custom Keto Diet?

Custom Keto is a simple diet plan formulated by Rachel Roberts. The inventor formulated the diet plan with the help of leading private trainers, chefs, and nutritionists. This is a cost-effective and helpful diet plan designed for you. As the name suggests, it is a custom meal that is designed depending on your taste, problem, body, and goals.

Rachel Robert’s aim is to provide a healthy body for everyone with the help of a balanced diet. This food program has helped a lot of people around the world. The diet is necessary not only for looks but also because it helps you to fight against the problems raised by obesity. These are:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Type two diabetes
  • Raise in Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Sleeping problems
  • Stroke

What Will You Get In Your Custom Keto Diet?

  • You will get an eight weeks diet plan made by experts and experienced persons.
  • A diet plan according to your calories intake.
  • Don’t need to compromise for your favourite dishes. It provides you with a delicious dietary schedule.
  • You can easily download the list of your dietary supplement and other items.
  • Step by step guide with clear cut instructions.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • It is a selection of tasty and nutritional recipes.

Why Don’t Most Diets Work?

There are many other dietary plans other than Custom Keto Diet available in the market or online. The alternatives undoubtedly provide you results for the first few days, but there are high chances that you will regain more weight after the diet is over. They are not as powerful as Custom Keto Diet. You must be thinking that every diet is intended for weight loss, but what are the reasons why most diets fail? Below we are giving a list of some of the possible causes for the failure of most dietary plans.

Some Diets Are Too Strict

A very restrictive diet can affect your will power and increase cravings and give you opposite effects than what you are dreaming of. According to Some experts, willpower is like a battery for your body. You have to achieve your dreams before your battery gets run out. Many guys leave their dieting plan in the middle because they no longer can tolerate it.

Rigorous diet plans don’t work. The creators of this kind of dietary plan don’t understand the fact that dieting itself is too strict, and they are making it harder by implementing more useless restrictions. If you follow strict dietary plans, then it also affects your mental health and sleep patterns, which finally results in not obeying the dietary plan.

Thinking All calories Are Formulated Identical

Calories are an essential part of the body that, in actual, provides you energy for various activities. The excess of an unbalanced diet leads to a collection of fat in your body. To reduce the level of fat, we have to maintain the level of calories in the body. Some people start to strive for weight loss and think this is the best option for fat loss. But always keep in mind weight loss does not mean fat loss. You must have to focus on the methods that reduce the fat in your body because falling weight does not enhance your fitness and looks. You have to lose fat for good appearances and spirit.

Your intake of proteins, carbs and fat plays a vital role in fat loss so if you consume too many carbs a day then you can’t lose the weight even if you restrict the intake of calories. So you must have a dietary plan that allows only those foods which help you to lose fat, not only weight.

Diet Based On Rare Ingredient And Complex Recipes

Most of the diets contain ingredients that are not readily available in the market. Sometimes the fruits or supplements you are looking for are not in stock; this kind of thing affects your dietary schedule. The complicated recipes are the other thing that can affect your dieting schedule. Many of the recipes are not easy to prepare. If someday you are tired then all your plans will vanish.

The diet you are consuming must-have ingredients that are easily accessible to everyone and readily available. The recipes provided in the plan must be based on easy to prepare and time-saving strategies. Custom Keto Diet plan is one that is totally based on the delicious food items that are readily available in every location.

Taste Of Some Diets Is Bad

This is the last reason we will discuss in our article for the failure of many dietary plans. If you eat similar things that you don’t like for a few weeks, then you will get bored. These things increase stress and decrease your will power. So the diet only works for one-two weeks, and you will not get satisfactory results.

Experts suggest a perfect diet is one that contains tasty dishes and flavorful ingredients. So you must choose a dietary plan which you enjoy most and by which you do not get bored after some time. So we suggest you opt for the Custom Keto Diet. This diet allows you to eat desirable and nutritional food, so you lose fat without getting bored.

custom keto diet reviews


The Custom Keto Diet enables your body only to use fatty acids and ketones for energy purposes rather than using glucose. If you have excess weight, then there are chances of insulin obstruction, which means the hormone is not working correctly. The main work of this hormone is the transportation of sugar within your cell. But if it does not work then most of the sugar either dissolves in the bloodstream and causes diabetes or it stores as fat which results in obesity.

So it is essential to limit the use of carbohydrates to lose fat. If you consume carbohydrates, then you won’t lose any weight regardless you are restricting calories. So we recommend your Custom Keto Diet to naturally lose the fat. This dietary plan helps your body to burn fatty acids and ketones rapidly and provides you with results in eight weeks.


  • It improves your cognitive health because ketones are the most valuable supply to the brain than sugar.
  • Custom Keto Diet also improves body texture and promotes physical actions.
  • This dietary plan helps you to fight against anxiety and depression.
  • It is beneficial for people who have epilepsy. This reduces the number of seizures for the people who have epilepsy.
  • The Keto diet enhances the level of blood glucose because the diet is based on increased consumption of dietary fat.
  • In some rare cases, many individuals find that this dietary plan is beneficial for acne treating.
  • It also increases insulin sensitivity.

Reasons To Choose Custom Keto Diet Over Others

If you search online, you will find many similar plans to Custom Keto Diet that might confuse you. But we only suggest you buy this because there are many reasons for it. Let us analyze these reasons one by one.

Reason 1: Significantly increases fat burning

As we already discussed the real obstacle in the fat burning process is insulin. It will transfer all your sugar to the bloodstream or store it as fat. This is why you use a keto diet because it maintains the level of insulin in your blood. The proper amount of insulin in your body also improves your health.

Reason 2: Easy To Follow

The diet is not as strict as related to others. You can easily follow the diet without affecting your mood. You don’t need to compromise with your tasty food if you use a Custom Keto Diet plan.

Reason 3: No Need To Remain Hungry

People stop eating for the sake of weight loss. The experts say you will never lose weight if you stop eating. You must stop the dieting plan, which keeps you hungry. We are saying this because hunger is more potent than your willpower and after some time you itself get frustrated.

This is one of the justifications why most dietary plans fail. This weight loss program is beneficial only for a few days, and after that, you will regain the excess weight. So we advise only to use the Keto plan.

By following the Keto diet, your hunger comes to an end. The individuals who follow a Keto diet never feel hungry, and that’s why it is the most effective way nowadays for weight loss.

Reason 4: You don’t need any workout

You don’t need exercise or gym to lose weight. The Custom Keto Diet plan is so robust that it automatically boosts energy levels and makes you more active. This can encourage you to exercise or workout, and you will lose fat more quickly.

Reason 5: Completely Safe

This diet is not composed only of weight loss, but it is a complete health diet that improves your body in many ways. Recent research and data show that the Keto diet is more comfortable than your healthy eating habits.

One study shows if you are following a Keto diet, then the risk of heart diseases will come to an end. It improves the level of good(HDL) cholesterol and decreases the level of triglyceride in blood. Also, the Keto diet is very beneficial for cognitive health. It improves focus and reduces stress. Keto diet helps your body to fight against diabetes and some types of cancer.

Reason 6: Automatic Process

Once you switch yourself to a Keto diet, then you don’t have to think about anything. You will lose weight automatically over time. Also, the Keto diet plan doesn’t make you hungry, so you never feel like you are on a diet. In this manner, you will lose weight faster than any other method.

Custom Keto Rachel Robert Diet

How To Buy?

You have to follow the below steps to buy a customized dietary plan. You have to give a short survey about yourself. Try to provide answers honestly and accurately. It’s a quick survey based on which your dietary plan will be made.

  • Click here.
  • Enter your gender, Male or Female
  • Next, they ask for your activity level. Choose the appropriate option given below.
  • The next part includes information regarding the type of meat you eat. If you are a vegan or don’t eat meat, select the option “no meat”.
  • Next, select the type of veggies you eat.
  • Next, select any additional food you want.
  • In the next pop up add your weight, height, Age and target weight.
  • Now click on Get Plan and enter your name and email address.
  • They will send you all the details regarding your diet in your email.

custom keto diet reviews


All dietary plans have certain deceptions, and so Custom Keto diet also has some shortcomings. These cons are not significant and even doesn’t matter a lot. But for the sake of detail, we are sharing them with you. These are:

  • The results are not immediate, so you have to wait for some time until the results appear. Be patient and maintain the diet; the outcomes will appear automatically in some time.
  • You need proper discipline while following the dietary plan.
  • You still have to cook some recipes and buy some ingredients from the market. They only provide you with a plan, not the food items or any agent to cook food for you.


If you are obese and want to lose excess fat by using a simple and easy to follow the dietary plan, then you must choose the Custom Keto Diet. This is wholly based on scientific research, and now for a limited period, they are offering a Keto diet plan at $37 only.

There are many benefits of this dietary plan, and there are no harmful effects. You will get your nutritional plan for lifetime validity. The effects are not instant, but you will see a massive transformation in 60 days. They also have a return policy, so buy the product now.

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